Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Find It

Some days are filled with joy and peace, others are not. Perhaps its how we view it. 

I began my yoga in the dark and by the time I finished, light filtered through the woods. 
At first I saw the grey trees and prepared for a gloomy day. Then I noticed the lovely hues of peach and rose. The warmth filled my soul. 

It will be a good day. 

Find the joy. Find the peace. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tea Tag Time

You know you had a good weekend when you go for your favorite Detox tea.
Today's #TeaTag is
"Live righteously and live everyone; you will build up around you an aura of light and love.:

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Educate Don't Discriminate


PPlease don't believe what you hear, They made me a poster dog and instilled fear.

I may be big and I may be strong, But I have done nothing wrong.

A vicious cycle, I wish I were never born, into the hands of a monster, now my heart is torn.

They threw me into the pit, I could hear the people cheer. Blood on the walls, no fight in me... just fear.

I am of no value now, they tossed me aside. As I lay... bleeding, I have no place to hide.

I am now taken to a grey and scary place, I am cut and wounded from my tail to my face.

Here I lay alone on this cold cement floor, waiting for my chance to get out the door.

I only have a day or two, before i am put to death, a day or two more till I breath my last breath.

But I havent had the chance to show you_"I am a good boy". I have never had a treat and I have never had a toy.

I am a Pit Bull, it doesnt mean I will bite, it doesnt mean I am the devil, it doesnt mean I want to fight.

Look into my eyes as you pass me by, can you really see a Killer?.. Come on dont lie

You know you see something, a soulful sadness in my eyes, Please take me out of here...

Please dont let me die


  Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP)

BAD RAP seems to have changed the way people feel about pit bull type dogs. It is a small organization that has a national impact. The educational efforts of the organization are especially noteworthy.

Yes.. Petey of the Little Rascals was a Pittie.


Monday, October 18, 2021

Tea Time Wisdom

I'm attempting to do a little self cleaning so I'm drinking some Detox tea instead of coffee today.
The tea tag says,
"You don't need love, you are love."

Have a day full of love!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Morning Romance

Sitting on the deck in the quiet of the morning with Flyboy.

We sit close, drinking our coffee looking over the grocery ad. 
Doesn't sound romatic? 

In today's world full of busy schedules and chaos, its impotant to slow down and enjoy the little things.

The smell of the coffee, sounds of nature, the heat of your honey's body next to yours...definately things to take time for.

#LabirDay2021 - Day 3

The waves lapped under the dock while sunlight dappled my skin. Yoga with the sound of waves is very meditative.  
The day started with Grandma Barb making eggs and bacon for breakfast. Thd hlorious smell of bacon brought back wonderful memories from childhood. 

Everyone packed and said their goodbyes then headed out. Flyboy Jr, leaft first, going north to Traverse City. Eldest followed us as far as Saginaw to make sure we didn't get another flat on the boat trailer.
When going "up north" in Michigan timing has to be just right when driving south at the end of a holiday weekend. 

Despite a couple slow-downs, the traffic flowed well. Flyboy & I held hands and listened to music.
Youngest mastered napping.

Monday, September 6, 2021

#LaborDayWeekend2021 Houghton Lake Day 2

I love doing yoga near water. I feel like I absorb the goodness of nature into not only my body but also my soul.
Morning with the family is entertaining.
 Fresh out of bed but still sleepy, the grown children reflect the little ones I remember. Coffee flowswith breakfast pizza and fruit abundant. 
My new daughter and her mom took me on an adveture to a local craft show. 
We ran into friends from home! What a surprise!
Yes, we left with lots of amazing things. (Tip: ladies, buy the guy folk some goodies so they'd overlook our purchases.)

The lake was too rough for the guys to boat on for long. Im not sure if there red faces are from sun or wind. 

When "up north" gathering around the bonfire is mandatory.
Youngest & Flyboy, Jr. don't like being photographed.Family isn't always related but become blended with marriage.  (DIL's mom and step-dad.) We love how our family has grown when Oldest married. 

The Oldest with his lovely wife of 1 year, the Teacher.

A little meditation and reflection does the soul good.

The best way to end the day with family around a bonfire.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

#LaborDay Houghton Lake Day 1

Road trip! The decision to "do something" was made the last minute. Some think "couple time" is the most romantic,  but I feel so much love when the entire family is together.
Flyboy, I and the Youngest hooked up the boat and headed "up north". (Michiganders will understand the term.)
On th way up, we had a tire issue on the boat trailer. Flyboy & Youngest fixed it and then we were back on the road. 
When we arrived we were greeted by Oldest & his wife, along with her parents. DIL's grandparents arrived after us. 
Time for some fishing, burgers on the grill and bonfire. Little bit of rain but lots of love happening. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Good Morning

A tad chilly this morning but perfect for some "me time". 
From my yoga mat I noticed the way sunlight tickled the tree tops. In today's busy world its important to take time to find little things that bring joy.
Throughout your day, if you see something that warms your heart, stop and take a moment to appreciate it. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Who Cares?

Dinner was shrimp from the deli with frsh lemon and cocktail sauce. Add a glass of wine, my kindle and the deck to complete my late dinner. 
How was my day? 

Ppffttt...who cares?

Not me.