Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Chase Away Winter Blues

Life during covid is moving in slow motion. 
Being stuck inside on gray days can be depressing. But there is a bright side

Lack of sun affects several of us by placing an emotional grey cloud over us.  Now with the separation from family and friends, the grey clouds gather. For the single person, loneliness and fatigue may set in; for couples, the romance may become stagnant.   

It's time to turn the season around, make your own fun, add some romance into your life. The beauty of winter and the long nights may offer many opportunities for romance.

Instead of avoiding the cold, get outside.  Grab whoever you can and drag them with you. Act like a teenager again.  Go skiing, sledding, ice skating, or simply have a snowball fight. Build a snowman. Afterwards, slip indoors for cup of hot cocoa (add a shot of Peppermint or my favorite Michigan Cherry Schnapps) and watch a movie.

On a sunny weekend afternoon if the weather is too cold for your taste, select an audio book and hop in the car for a scenic drive.  Plot your destination to be a quaint little town where you can visit a couple local businesses or simply enjoy the drive.

For a bit of fun after a busy day, pull that special someone into the kitchen and heat things up.  Pick out a recipe together and spend the evening preparing dinner.  When the meal is ready, enjoy it next to a warm fire or by candlelight.  Spread a blanket on the floor and  have a picnic. Turn the evening in to a weekly or monthly tradition and maybe even build your own "couple's cookbook" to share with friends.

Another way to spend an week day evening is playing a board game.  If Monopoly isn't your thing and you want to steam things up a bit, pick up a fun sexy board game.  Check out Lover's Lane, Amazon or Adam & Eve for several fun ideas. Visit their websites together and anxiously await your delivery.

Warm up on a chilly night in an extravagant array of bubbles. If you're a single person, treat yourself to a bit of romance in the tub.  If you're not one for bubbles, try bath salts, bath bombs or a bath soak.  Bath soaks are usually a blend of ingredients you add to your bath water to create a desired effect, such as a sore muscle soak, stress-easing soak or relaxation soak. Most bath and body and drug stores carry bath soak products. Check out online as well. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, grab a steamy romance novel to read or your favorite BOB. 

For couples, a languishing dip in a steamy tub for two is enough to inspire romance for even the stodgiest of lovers. If you're worried about interruptions, arrange your water play encounter at a time when you can be together alone. A great way to do this and create the perfect memorable night is staying at hotel with a spa or Jacuzzi tub in your room.  Give each other the ultimate bath and spa experience with a little basket filled with spa items from you local bath and body shop.  Don't let the romance stop after the bath. Give each other a light, lotion-laden massage.

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