Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunny Hop into the arms of Duncan McAlister

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I'd like to introduce you to Duncan (Phillips) McAlister. A super hunk you'll meet in Tormented Soul and learn more about him in the not-yet-released Fortunate Soul.

Duncan Phillips never knew his father and was raised by his mom until she died of cancer when he was a teen. Not having anywhere to go, he lived on the streets of London working for a bicycle courier service. Wanting a better life than what he had living with drugged out punks, he made the decision to work towards purchasing a motorcycle so he could advance in the courier business, finish school and possibly have a "normal" life.

Unfortunately,time wasn’t on his side and he when needed to purchase his future fast,Duncan turned back to the streets and sold his body to make money to buy the bike he needed. Out of desperation he trusted the wrong woman who used him for her own sick amusement, leaving behind both physical and emotional scars.

Due to a fortunate turn of events, Duncan had his dream motorcycle, family he never knew about found him, became a member of the McAlister clan, and graduated from a New York university.

Yet, a darkness remains. Knowing how to use his body to seduce women, he vowed to never let a woman control him. He avoids relationships of any kind with the exception of his two biking best friends Chet Keller and Maxine "Max" Duval.

Women can’t resist his sexual aura and Duncan is puzzled why only Max seems oblivious to his proactive charms.

He's over six feet tall, lean but solid. A few scars across his body from past... uh....sexual encounters simply add to his seductive nature.

Duncan's blond hair is worn long and his green eyes can melt the clothes off any woman.

Duncan is now a wealthy, educated young man who drips of sensuality and is very much in control of his life. He knows egg-actly what he wants.

However, the current love of his life is his motorcycle (or not).

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Savanna Kougar said...

I need to turn up the fans full blast!!!
Duncan reminds me a bit of my hero, Baron Zaggry... our taste in heroes must be similar. Though, they have very different backgrounds and the Baron doesn't live on Earth.