Legend of the Spirit Series
1Night Stand collection
Decadent Publishing

Book One
Lucy Richards is tired of being timid around men. Hoping to overcome her fears and feel like a real woman, she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who will fulfill that goal. Eve arranges a one-night stand with a handsome Shawnee shaman who will teach Lucy to use her womanly power and take her to unimaginable heights.

Shape shifter Seth Crowe is a Keeper of the Spiritual Law who carries souls from darkness to light, and enjoys using his body to accomplish his magic.

Tucked away in the Castillo Poconos Resort, Seth helps Lucy find spiritual and sexual freedom, never dreaming he might find his own mate in the bargain.


“I am a man who is yours tonight, Lucy.” He walked toward her with arms out from his sides, exposing his nudity. “Draw on the power within you. Look at me. Overcome your apprehension of men. Have I not shown you gentleness?”

She nodded and approached him while tugging the strap of her sundress.

“Keep your dress on. Take it off when you are ready. This night is about you. Explore my body, learn from it, and take whatever you want. You are in control.”

He led her to the center of the blanket and faced her. She stood still with her fingertips resting on his waist. Cupping her face, he lost himself in her eyes.

“I am your instrument to use tonight. Open yourself up and delve into this opportunity I offer. I am yours to command. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think so.” She considered his offer. “What do I do?”

“Follow your feminine intuition.” He couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “Touch me, tickle me, beat me, kiss me, bite me, lick me, suck me…whatever you want. Take whatever you need from me to strengthen you.”

In the moonlight, an endearing, innocent blush spread across her face. Amazing how a woman who lived her life in fear caused by abuse could be so naive of her own sensual power. If she knew her potential, she could bring him to his knees.

Please, bring me to my knees.

Book Two

Dyami Schafer, a Native American from the Chippewa tribe, leads a lonely life due to his large size and unusual appearance. When his nesting instinct sets in, he turns to Madame Eve and 1Night Stand to help him find his spirit mate. Or at least a woman who accepts him as an eagle shifter.

Amanda Collins never stopped loving the Chippewa boy she knew from her childhood. Maybe a night with a Native American man will help her forget the past and let her move on with her life.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step into the past before dancing into the future. With the help of Madame Eve, will the Spirit of the Eagle carry Dyami and Amanda?

She brushed the gray tips and white strands of hair that gave him such untamed nobility. With a finger, she traced his face from his temple to his jaw, across his lips, then scraping her nails along the fine hair under his chin. A man of his enormous size would be capable of great strength, and a gal could easily lose herself in his arms for more than one night. His gaze intensified under her scrutiny.

“What do you see when you look at me?” he asked and lowered his eyes. Sinfully long lashes brushed his cheeks.

She considered him to be the most gorgeous man alive. His eyes mesmerized her. Some would consider the unusual color to be eerie, but she saw a whirlwind of emotions, from pain to hope, drawing her into his soul. Did his unusual appearance cause issues and uncertainty in his life? Despite his intimidating frame, he exhibited control and gentle qualities in the tender way he’d held her when they danced and the way he’d admitted his soft spot for animals. In arms like his, a woman could find paradise in many ways.

She cupped his face and forced him to meet her gaze. “I see a handsome, mystical warrior from another world.”

“Handsome, huh? I think you need your vision checked. I am nothing more than a simple Chippewa from Michigan.” His mouth was inches from hers. “However, I can be magical and take you wherever you want to go.”

“Then dance with me,” she whispered.

Single Titles

Taming Rachel
1Night Stand story
Decadent Publishing

Rachel Willis signed up for a 1Night Stand with hopes of finding something that is missing in her life. Is it a coincidence her date is scheduled during a class reunion? And why did the one person she’s avoided for years have to show up?
Dusty Stiles never recovered from the one that got away. Madame Eve is his last hope to get her back.
Will one night be enough to erase the pain of the past and rekindle the passion they once shared?
Deep in thought and alone, she continued to watch the fountains. The scrape of a chair nearby distracted her. Large, warm hands grasped her shoulders. She jumped but couldn’t turn to see who stood behind her. The sweet melody of citrus with a hint of spice tickled her nose. The signature scent and familiar touch belonged to only one man.
“Hello, Rachel.” A man’s deep voice washed over her as he caressed her nape with his lips.
“Hello, Dusty.” The words came out with a sigh. “It’s been a long time.”
“Too long, babe.” He pulled her back against his broad chest.
“You’re awfully brave to come up to me like this. You startled me, and I could have cracked one of your ribs with my elbow.” She playfully jabbed at him.
“You could never hurt me.” He ran his hands down her arms and pinned her elbows at her sides. “At least not physically.”
“Is that what you think?” She stiffened in his grasp.
“Baby, there are ways you could kill me.” The silken tone still softened her dissent. “You are fucking gorgeous in this dress. I imagine you wearing something like this as a wedding gown.”
Her stomach flipped with excitement at his praise. The strapless white bustier dress bared her shoulders. A tilt of her head gave him easier access to her neck, where he placed soft kisses. He slid his hand under her arm and around her satin-covered torso. He would be pleased at what lay hidden under the layers of lace making up the skirt. Wait a minute. The white stockings and satin thong were meant to impress her date, not him! She tried to pull away, but he held her firm.
“I saw you watching me, and I know that expression in your eyes.” His voice caressed her ear, sending waves of heat through her. “Come with me.”

Handcuffs & Silk
1Night Stand story
Decadent Publishing

Stephanie "Stiff" Johnson, is a tough Las Vegas cop who many men find too intimidating to date. Steph begins to wonder if something is wrong with her so she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who could be the yin to her yang, even if it's just for one night.

Hunter Mason left behind years of living as a sub to a female Domme in New York. Upon return to his hometown, he questions whether he wants to continue with the "lifestyle" or find something different. Turning to 1 Night Stand, he hopes to sample his options.

A simple one-night stand opens a whole new sensuous world to both.

Stephanie "Stiff" Johnson, is an intimidating Las Vegas cop who turns to Madame Eve to find a man who could be the yin to her yang, even if it's just for one night.

Hunter Mason left behind years of living as a sub to a female Domme in New York. Upon return to his hometown, he questions whether he wants to continue with the "lifestyle" or find something different.

 A simple one-night stand opens a whole new sensuous world to both.

The blades of the chopper sliced through the heat of the night as it flew over the City of Lights. Casinos glowed in various hues of blue, plum, gold, green, and silver, casting a magical aura. Spotlights danced in the night, graceful fingers tickling the sinister side of Vegas. Unsuspecting people moved about, flitting from place to place, searching for excitement and fulfillment while cars in traffic jams occasionally brought the pulsing arteries in the heart of the city to a temporary halt.
Being a Las Vegas cop, Steph recognized the evil lurking in the shadows of the beautiful city, also known as Sin City. As the chopper made a turn, she viewed the vast landscape as an artist’s canvas. The awesome structures designed and built by nameless men. So many lives below. Where there is sin and sadness, one will also find love and happiness.
With a deep sigh, Steph continued to gaze at the site, wondering where she fit into the street party of existence. Not a single malicious bone in her body, yet a monster lurked inside, crying to be set free. And, despite the desire to have a special someone to share a lifetime of love and happiness, meaningless one-night stands never filled the emptiness inside. Lately, living and breathing her job had become her reason for lack of a social life. That, and always being looked at as one of the guys and a hard ass.
Some of the cops’ wives had made it their mission to fix her up with someone. Despite their efforts to feminize her, she intimidated the men they’d found for her. Not considered butch—she had all the right curves in all the right places and could wear sexy clothing that normally only looked good on a model—but everyone knew how tough she could be.
Controlling the power hidden deep inside her proved to be difficult and had ruined many relationships. Her last boyfriend liked to try kinky things, but had his limits. She’d gone out with a guy who’d insisted she be submissive to him, but that felt completely false and ended shortly after it began.
What’s wrong with me?
Frustrated at her inability to escape her reputation, she’d applied with an online dating service, 1NightStand. Not a regular matchmaking site, but more upscale; the mysterious owner, Madame Evangeline, had an amazing ability to find just the right person to satisfy one’s needs. Or so Steph had been told.
Her cell phone vibrated. Glancing at the screen, she noticed an email from 1NightStand. Instinct told her Eve was probably letting her know the dating service could not match her up. To avoid disappointment until back on the ground, Steph put the phone back in its holster.
The chopper began its descent.


Short Stories

Queen of Hearts

Jenny has secretly lusted for her sexy next door neighbor for years but won't cross that invisible line dividing friendship and romance even if it is Valentine's Day.

Josh is done with his provocative life and ready to settle down. With a few tricks up his sleeve and the Valentine's Day costume party, he takes a chance on seducing his best girl pal.

Will the Queen of Hearts allow herself to be seduced by Madd Hatter's kiss and the offer of more?

Love Knot

 Mimi Cates is an artist who lives over the coffee shop she owns. Content with her life, she won't allow herself to become to close with her sexy, wanderlust neighbor, despite what her heart tells her.

Irishman, Robbie Mac Donnell never wanted to stay in one place very long. His job as a scientist allowed him to travel the world without ever making permanent ties to anyone. However, when he finds the perfect person and the perfect place to settle down, he's not sure if she'll believe him.

No Longer In Print
Just because they are not being produced any longer doesn't mean they aren't available. Check your local library and visit your favorite second hand book store for copies. When available, Buy Links are posted here.
This series is currently being edited for a re-release with new covers and all five books.

The Soul Series 

Book 1 - Painted Soul
Journey into the lives of two artists, through the streets of London, the shadows of the underground clubs and a secret past, and into their souls to believe in love.

 A contemporary romance with a twist, Painted Soul is a story that takes the reader on a wonderful ride in an artist’s life, through the streets of London, and into the shadows of the underground. Elizabeth McAlister was only eighteen when she met the art student, Puzzola in a London nightclub and gave him her heart.

Ten years later, they meet again when a summer of intense passion and dark secrets begins.

As Elizabeth falls deeper in love with Puzzola, she tries to rescue him from tortured memories he refuses to discuss. Eventually, his double life and erotic past are exposed in a local newspaper just
as he is involved in a life-threatening accident.

“Quast’s emotionally charged and intensely romantic novel is so
well researched and so exquisitely told.” - Karen Mayes
contemporary romance reviewer
360 pages
Paperback • Perfect Bound
ISBN-10: 0-9814739-3-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9814739-3-2

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Book 2 - Tormented Soul
Erick McAlister is known as London’s Most Dangerous Bachelor; he enjoys scotch, women, and spending time in the London underground club, The Skunk’s Den.

He’s never had a real relationship; women only want him for one thing- he desires more. When the one he vowed he would never toy with, Lynn Westmore, gives him an unexpected proposition, his life takes an enjoyable turn. Just as he is beginning to find happiness, tabloids headline him, a woman from his past announces she’s expecting his child, someone is trying to kill him, and he finds himself questioning his relationship with the young courier he’s hired to teach him to ride his new motorcycle. Even though his life is in torment, he begins to believe in love, something he never thought he’d feel.

Unfortunately, Lynn doesn’t think Erick could ever be faithful to one woman, let alone be in love with her, so when she finds herself in love with him she runs. Erick falls into a spiral of depression, and it takes his brother and closest friends to bring him to his senses. When he finds out a magazine has rated him as the World’s Most Dangerous Bachelor, he agrees to do the interview only if Lynn is the photographer and he uses the opportunity to let Lynn know how he feels; he offers his heart to her one more time...

348 pages
Paperback • Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-1-935407-22-5

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Book 3 - Lonely Soul
The eldest of the McAlister siblings is responsible and always putting his brother and sister before himself. Now that Erick and Elizabeth were enjoying their married lives, the time had come for Michael Casey McAlister to find his soulmate. A man with a deep sense of family and honor, yet at times could be manipulative and very controlling, always doing what he thought was best for others.

Featured on The Most Dangerous Bachelors list with his brother, but for his love for daring outdoor activities; he searched for a woman who wasn’t a high society princess. With his good looks, wealth and sexual prowess, he has attracted many ladies but when the one he thinks is Miss Right doesn’t like his dog he shows her the door.

Lonely and discouraged, he dedicates himself into a New York City community garden project with his friends and busies himself with his comic strip he has created under the name of Mike Casey. Mike meets Lauren “Wren” Avery with the help of their dogs in the park while he’s working on a cartoon. He sees her as a chance to improve himself and not follow his father’s path of unhappiness. He certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with the graphic artist. Wren falls in love with him as the cartoonist not knowing he is the co-owner of McAlister Enterprises, the same company she works for.

He knows he’s wrong not telling her the truth, but his world falls apart when she's transferred to the London office and she finds out who he really is. He realizes that in while building the company and interfering in other people’s lives he may have lost control of his own life and what truly matters.

312 pages
Paperback • Perfect Bound
ISBN 978-1-935407-94-2

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Book 4 - Fortunate Soul - unpublished
He's gone from living on the streets of London to being a member of a powerful family and a partner in the family business. While Duncan focuses more on his career and leaves too much unsaid, he may lose the one woman who was always a friend and the chance of true love.

Book 5 - Dark Soul - unpublished
The reclusive leader of a rock band is haunted by a woman in nightly dreams that eventually turn into murderous nightmares. When he finds a woman who has the same dream, he begins to question reality only to find the answer in a dark secret from the past.