Monday, September 6, 2021

#LaborDayWeekend2021 Houghton Lake Day 2

I love doing yoga near water. I feel like I absorb the goodness of nature into not only my body but also my soul.
Morning with the family is entertaining.
 Fresh out of bed but still sleepy, the grown children reflect the little ones I remember. Coffee flowswith breakfast pizza and fruit abundant. 
My new daughter and her mom took me on an adveture to a local craft show. 
We ran into friends from home! What a surprise!
Yes, we left with lots of amazing things. (Tip: ladies, buy the guy folk some goodies so they'd overlook our purchases.)

The lake was too rough for the guys to boat on for long. Im not sure if there red faces are from sun or wind. 

When "up north" gathering around the bonfire is mandatory.
Youngest & Flyboy, Jr. don't like being photographed.Family isn't always related but become blended with marriage.  (DIL's mom and step-dad.) We love how our family has grown when Oldest married. 

The Oldest with his lovely wife of 1 year, the Teacher.

A little meditation and reflection does the soul good.

The best way to end the day with family around a bonfire.

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