Saturday, September 11, 2021

#LabirDay2021 - Day 3

The waves lapped under the dock while sunlight dappled my skin. Yoga with the sound of waves is very meditative.  
The day started with Grandma Barb making eggs and bacon for breakfast. Thd hlorious smell of bacon brought back wonderful memories from childhood. 

Everyone packed and said their goodbyes then headed out. Flyboy Jr, leaft first, going north to Traverse City. Eldest followed us as far as Saginaw to make sure we didn't get another flat on the boat trailer.
When going "up north" in Michigan timing has to be just right when driving south at the end of a holiday weekend. 

Despite a couple slow-downs, the traffic flowed well. Flyboy & I held hands and listened to music.
Youngest mastered napping.

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