Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Nicknames for the Littles

 What nicknames do you have for your kids and/or pets? I've never met anyone who didn't have some kinds of sweet name for someone they love. My boys were blessed with nicknames when they were little.

Pic is from the day after the youngest came home from the hospital.

My three sons are Honey Bunny (1st born) because he's a mini version of my hubby, Bugaboo (middle child) because he's a snuggle bug, and Tiger (youngest because of what he sounded like when he cried). 

They are all adults now and I still call them by their nicknames. 

However, when I write about them in my blog, they are The Chemist, Flyboy Jr. and The Menace. 

(Pic is from the eldest's wedding in 2021 - L to R, The Menace, The Chemist, Flyboy Jr)

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