Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Blindfolds, Bourbon and Belly Buttons

 Even though I write fiction, I enjoy working real stuff into my stories. Since my setting for Legend of the Spirit series is in the Poconos Mountains, I found Holy Ghost Distillery, Inc. produces a nice bourbon perfect for the story. My characters in Wolf Whispers found a unique use for the tasty spirit.

Today's word count : 20,914


“Sweetheart, I need a drink.” He chuckled as he reached for the shot glass full of amber liquid. “Now hold still.”

“Oh!” She squealed when he poured a small amount of bourbon into her belly button. “That’s cold.”

“It’s room temperature but feels cold because you are heated up.” He sucked the bourbon and licked the runaway drips. “Hmmm… tasty. Tell me what it is.”

He slid across her body to kiss her. She licked his lips and stroked his tongue, tasting him.

“It’s what I image you taste like. Vanilla and spice.” As if his cock could harden more, her husky voice begged. “Kiss me again.”

He tossed the rest of the shot back, letting the heat travel down his throat then indulged her request. Covering her mouth with his, he untied her. Once freed, she speared his hair with her fingers.

“Whiskey?” She asked between kisses.

“Bourbon.” He smiled and began to pull away. “It’s McNamee’s Black Irish Bourbon from he Holy Ghost Distillery not far from here.”

“We might have pay them a visit and buy some to take home. I like the flavor on you.” She smiled as he assisted her to sit up. “Can I savor more of you?”

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