Saturday, March 30, 2024

Blindfolds and Word Count

Today was a productive day of working on Wolf Whispers, Legend of the Spirit book #4.

Sometimes an author needs visual inspiration when writing. I have photos of the Poconos Mountains, cute cabins, lakes and landscapes to help me visualize the physical setting in my stories. Today, I needed a good description of Carson "Dawg" Batitise and thank Nanji Liam for the inspiration.

Writing romance has its challenges. One is creating characters and sex scenes unique to each book. As I approached the smexy stuff in Wolf Whispers, I wanted a different approach when dealing with a sexually experienced MMC and a virgin MFC. Hmm... a creative way to bring her into the world of sensuality. I came up with the answer of using all her senses. I used such a technique in Taming Rachel. So I did a little research on  using a blindfold to enhance sensual play. My word count for the day isn't as high as what I'd like, but it's definitely on a roll. I like the direction my mind is going.

I'm sure when Flyboy arrives home from his last flight, he'll enjoy it as well.

Teaser/excerpt from 1st draft.

Too distracted by the emotions coursing through her to answer, she could only sigh. He stood like a bronze warrior in tight leather pants and wild hair falling over his thick shoulders. One hand rested on his belt buckle while the other held a small swatch of black silk. A slow growl crept up from deep inside him then faded. He tossed the black silk onto the bed and undid his buckle. With a quick snap, he pulled the belt from around his waist.

“I’ll ask one more time.” His gaze held the promise of pleasure. “Do you trust me, Delany.”

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