Thursday, July 20, 2023

Roadtrip Day #1 "No Kids!"

This is the first trip without kids. Oh sure, we've done weekend getaways but this is a bit longer.

We will be meeting up with folks for a Keller Family Reunion in Battle Lake MN. Hubby's mom is one of the Keller siblings. The Menace is taking Mom & Aunt Cheryl to meet up with Flyboy Jr in Traverse City then fly to Minneapolis. 

Flyboy & I chose to drive, taking our time and turning it into a vacation. And yes, a dash of romance! Who do you think I am?
After having lunch in Mackinaw City,  we wandered the beach, holding hands, laughing and taking selfies. The first day ended at the border of Michigan and Wisconsin for a solid dinner and comfy bed to crash land. 

Most of the trip has been spent driving,  listening to music, talking, and simply creating a little love bubble. *sigh* Sometimes it's  nice to just be together.

Quiet moments of holding hands abd sharing a smile add a splash of romance in a busy life. After 32 years, gazing into my Flyboy's baby blues and his touch still make my heart flutter.

Try to take a moment today to simply be.

Peace out.

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