Sunday, July 30, 2023

Road Trip Day #7 "Put That in Your Story"

 When surrounded by family at a reunion, one will notice the different generations. I love chatting with the elders as much as I enjoy catching up with those my own age. Funny how conversations turn when your relatives find out you are a romance author. Add a little wine and the juicy stuff comes out.

One cousin could be and should be a writer. She's incredibly creative and finds a story everywhere. Throughout the weekend, Cousin J would gasp and turn to me with wide eyes and shout, "Put that in a story!"

After asking the cousins about their "cute meets" with their husbands, I have enough fodder for several more books. Cousin J suggested I write one book based on all of them.  

Subject matter includes the heroine in a long-term relationship when Mr. Right comes along, but he certainly has to work to turn her head after fumbling numerous times for a first date. 

Put that in your story!

Let's take a look at a bedraggled heroine heading back home on a plane after everything that could go wrong goes wrong, only to have Mr. Right sit next to her. 

Put that in your story!

Oh... the list of ideas continues.

Sharing a quiet moment with the eldest generation proved to be fruitful as well. Mom was married to dad for over 60 years. Aunt Val long marriage to Uncle Rog ended with his death. Ironically, after closing her heart, she found love again in a sweet fella who has a witty sense of humor. When asked the secret of a long, healthy marriage Uncle Larry said it best.

"Marry your best friend."

Put that in your story!

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