Sunday, July 30, 2023

Road Trip Day #6 "Family Traditions"

 Family traditions help strengthen family bonds and gives family members a sense of belonging especially when miles often separates them. Nothing brings loved ones together than celebrating traditions and often creating new ones.

The Family Reunion concluded with traditions.

Aunt Val made Lefsa for breakfast. She has been sharing the secret recipe and cooking process with her daughter who will carry on the tradition.

Lefsa is a Norwegian flatbread cooked on a large, flat griddle. Our family eats it warm with butter and sugar. It is also good with brown sugar and cinnamon or jelly. We roll the tortilla-like bread into a roll and quickly stuff it into our mouths.

Worshiping together as a family was taken outside and the "service" prepared by the cousins. 

After reminiscing all weekend about when all the girl cousins chased a young Flyboy and tied him to a pole, the cousins turned the memory into a tradition.

It's tough being the only guy to all these dolls.

Take a moment today to think about what traditions you have in your family. 

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