Wednesday, January 31, 2024

#Thursday13 - First Lines of Hawk's Honor

 In honor of Hawk's Honor, Legend of the Spirit series book #3, being completed and sent to the publisher, I'm posting the first 13 lines.

Jamie Hawke is a Native American Chippewa from Michigan who is with a USMC Special Ops shifter unit. His country, his team is everything. This strong warrior holds honor above all. Being a hawk shifter on a Special Ops team is dangerous but falling in love with his commanding officer is deadly. Jamie is honor bound by the corps and won’t touch Captain Andrea “Andy” Nelson. After being wounded, Hawke is told by his shaman to find his mate before the next tour through Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service. When his date turns out to be no other than Capt. Nelson, he’s a dead man.


 “Corporal Hawke!”

Zipping his rucksack closed he slung it over his shoulder and stood. His Team Leader approached from across the moonlit yard while men in full battle rattle moved at a brisk pace around her. The Captain displayed the epitome of what every female marine should be…confidant, capable, with grace and style and a military bearing unmatched. Nevertheless, a female officer in special ops, much like shifters, in all reality didn’t exist.

 Native American shifters in MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) with security clearance such as his could select the battalion they wished to serve with. Hungry for adventure, he chose one of the riskiest regions and fell into a team who lost one of their Critical Skills Operators in battle. So deep in secrecy, only upper brass and the CIA knew of it, the group called Spirit Walkers contained several shifters.  They went into areas where the enemy had weeks to prepare, booby-trap, and plant enough explosives to eliminate a city block. Together with their fearless leaders, they out-smarted their opponent and completed whatever mission needed to be done.

 Sure, they lost a few to pay the price of war, but what blew his mind were the “routine” tasks completed without a single bullet fired. The teams moved like specters across landscapes and through villages. Night missions often included capturing or killing insurgents and recovering maps.  


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colleen said...

Shape shifters. Gonna be a love story?

Hazel said...

Spirit, secrecy, and the CIA - they seem to blend rather well.

Mary Quast said...

Definitely a love story.

CountryDew said...

Sounds interesting and intriguing!

LA Paylor said...

an author... and published
good work