Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thursday 13 - Lines from Handcuffs & Silk

I was lucky enough to be one of the first authors to write in the 1 Night Stand series for Decadent Publishing. I've written several since but Handcuffs & Silk was my first. I had fun writing the story. A high school class mate of mine & hubby's was a Las Vegas Detective at the time I worked on the book. He loved being my go-to-guy with my "police stuff" questions. The book is dedicated to Keith and his lovely wife, Hilda.

Stephanie "Stiff" Johnson, is a tough Las Vegas cop who many men find too intimidating to date. Steph begins to wonder if something is wrong with her so she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who could be the yin to her yang, even if it's just for one night.

Hunter Morgan left behind years of living as a sub to a female Domme in New York. Upon return to his hometown, he questions whether he wants to continue with the "lifestyle" or find something different. Turning to 1 Night Stand, he hopes to sample his options.

A simple one-night stand opens a whole new sensuous world to both.

I've listed my personal favorite lines from Handcuffs & Silk

1. Being a Las Vegas cop, Steph recognized the evil lurking in the shadows of the beautiful city, also known as Sin City.

2. Rubbing the smooth part of his neck where a collar had rested for over a year, he remembered the day Ericka removed the soft, blue, leather strap with her initials stamped on it.

3. Miss Stephanie Johnson is a lovely lady with the type of personality I’m sure you will find to your liking, and perfectly capable of fulfilling your current desires.

4. “Grow up, Hunter. Drop this damn beta act and be the alpha you were born to be.”

5. Nicely curved hips accented by shiny, black leather hot pants, high-heeled, thigh-high boots laced up her long legs, and a small leather bag hung on a silver chain snug against her hip.

6. Her mouth watered at the sight of his muscular chest peeking from the opening of a black Armani shirt with the sleeves rolled past his elbows, and one hand rested on his thigh while the other held a rose.

7. Stepping tighter between her legs, he grasped Steph around her nape with one hand and pulled her to him for a hard kiss.

8. Sex appeal coupled with willingness to satisfy equaled a very appealing combination in a one-night stand.

9. The room filled with heat, yet the only sounds were their breathing, the creak of the bed, and the rasp of her boots as they brushed against his legs.

10. She opened the drawer and found a couple of black silk scarves.

11. With a wicked grin, she paused to pick up the glass with the key resting under the melting ice cubes.

12. I win.” His deep voice wrapped seductively around her entire body.

13. “You have the right to remain silent.” She clamped a handcuff roughly onto a wrist and raised both arms over his head to hook around the headboard rails then attached the remaining cuff to his free wrist. “Anything you say can and will be used against you for my pleasure.” (Yeah, I know it's more than one line, but it's my all time favorite in the entire book!)

I hope you enjoyed the little snippets.

Do you have a favorite book or line from a book that sticks with you?

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Kimberly Menozzi said...

Line number twelve is my favorite, I think. Heh.

CountryDew said...

Very erotic lines, those! Nice.

Alice Audrey said...

What a sexy book. All great lines.

Unknown said...

“I win.” His deep voice wrapped seductively around her entire body.

Niiiiice line. ;-)

Heather said...

You are such a tease. Great T13, Mary. Thanks for visiting mine!

Shelley Munro said...

Great lines. I particularly liked the last one.

Shelley Munro said...

I'm talking book boyfriends here, and it would have to be JD Robb's Roarke. Danger and charisma wrapped up in a pretty Irish bow ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome lines, Mary! And I love the title of your book too. HOT HOT HOT! Happy Thursday! Oh, and if I could choose a one night stand it would be with Mark Wahlberg. Hee hee ...

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

I'm always fascinated by how sex scenes are written.

Hazel said...

Black Armani shirts are gorgeous!

Mary Quast said...

Thanks, ladies. It was fun writing this story and I am working on two follow-ups. Good luck in you entered the contests.

Mia Celeste said...

Grin. This sounds like a fun read.

Liz A. said...

Yeah, #13 needs a couple of lines. It's your post, you can make each number as long as you want :)