Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mojo - Meet Jeremy Rowback

What is stronger than coffee on a Monday morning to get you going?
Jeremy Rowback
Jeremy Rowback 28 Years Old from Amsterdam, New York.
His family owns Perth Ultimate Fitness, he obviously enjoys working out and a healthy diet.

Confidence is sexy, and he has confidence by the bucket load.

Jeremy AKA Derek Atlas is a full-time fashion and muscle fitness model,
and has been making the rounds doing some...uh... adult work.

Jeremy is a favorite subject of artistic photographers such as Eddie Christie and Joseph Smileuske.
His masculine beauty
is the visual inspiration for my character Dustin Stiles in my current erotic WIP Taming Rachel.


 "We only live for a short period of time, but our images live forever." - JR

What a hunk!

From his Model Mayhem Profile:  "I'm all about projecting the best overall image possible, and helping others to increase their image, in both mind and body. My goal with this site is to put myself out there and to be seen as someone who takes life seriously and works hard to look and feel great. I have experience and I have a busy schedule. I am a very open-minded model and I love to try out new ideas."

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