Saturday, June 29, 2024

Peaceful Porch

I found an old photo of the porch. I designed the size of the porch to become another room in the warmer months. Over the years, we've definitely used it as such. We've had meals, put together puzzles, done craft projects and games, quietly read and entertained guests over the years. It was a favorite place for teens to hang out.
Ten years ago.

Before my mom passed, she enjoyed spending the entire day rocking, reading and watching birds from her favorite spot on the porch.

As time has slipped away, we built the back deck and the boys have left the nest. The porch doesn't get  used as often. However, it is still a peaceful place to relax. On rainy mornings, I enjoy doing yoga and meditation while breathing in fresh air. To avoid sun and heat, I enjoy the quiet to write and Reyka lounges nearby.

It's funny how places evolve and change.

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