Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sultry Sunday Floor Play


A nice quiet Sunday and just the two of you; the room is lit by firelight and candles.  Fluffy pillows are tossed onto the floor.  Spread a soft blanket or two next to the pillows.  Hmm…sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Romantic lighting, sensual fabrics, you just need skin to skin contact, and you’ll be all set for a deeply intimate encounter.

Pour a glass of wine and drop your clothes. It’s time for some Floor Play!

Lie down and get comfortable.  Blindfold your honey and straddle him, letting your legs rest along side of his body.  Begin by dripping warmed massage oil over his body, rubbing it in with long sensual strokes.  The key to sensual massage is to adore every inch of your partner’s body.  Enchant his senses by varying the intensity of your touch and being creative.  Use your fingertips, knuckles, and the heel of your hand, your elbows, and your forearms. 

Tease him with an ostrich feather from head to toe, and then pleasure him orally for a few moments.  Go back to massaging him.  Slip a piece of ice into your mouth and let it melt.  Delight his senses with your cold mouth on his hot body.

Rip off his blindfold (or not) and have your way with him. 

Repeat this process only with you wearing the blindfold.  Ask him to drip wine down your back then lick it off for an erotic effect.

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