Sunday, January 10, 2021

Volunteer From Home

Was your New Year's Resolution to volunteer more? Maybe give back to your community? Get involved?

Due to Covid, so many opportunities have been put on hold. You can still volunteer at a church food dispensary or local food bank, they always can use extra hands. You could pack boxes to go to the armed service men and women around the world. 

Due to my health issues, I'm still living in my own little bubble. I found a few places where you can do good without leaving your home. - petition for a better planet - browse causes and get involved with ones that matter the most to you - find a volunteer group you can really connect with, maybe within your own community. - sign up to be a tutor - connects professionals  with opportunities to do pro bono work - donate supplies and electronics to public school teachers for their classrooms

Feel free to call your local schools to see what they may need. Several have their teachers plugged into Amazon with wish lists. You pick out the items on their lists, pay for them and they are shipped directly to the teacher! 

Check with your local animal shelters. Many of them will have Amazon Wish Lists for public to purchase much needed items from.

When it comes to volunteering and getting involved at any level to improve your community or the world, encourage your honey to get involved with you. Nothing makes the heart feel so full as when you do something good together. 

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