Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A Few Moments of Massage

 A massage is wonderful, but most of us don't engage in it due to lack of time. 

Flyboy Jr's girlfriend gave him a gift card for a massage at her parents' gym, Iron Athletics. He loved the hour-long experience and plans to make time for one every time he comes home from school. He said it's very relaxing and plans to schedule a massage every time he's home from flight school. 

With a wink in my direction, Flyboy Sr. said he's rather get a massage from me. 

(Oooo... I love that man!)

An erotic massage is wonderful for a couple, it relaxes them from daily stress, strengthens their bond, and can be very, very sensual. But again, many will complain of lack of time. Plan ahead for a five minute pre-bedtime massage. This little bit of time is adequate. Just start touching! Relieve a little stress, enjoy the power of touch. Who knows, it might led to something more.

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Keep in mind, massages are like orgasms... there are really no bad ones. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you will become. Your lover would certainly enjoy a five minutes of touching tenderness from you!

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