Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Romance in the Laundry Room

 Boy meets girl in the basement laundry of the apartment building. They fall in love. 

Or depending on which genre you enjoy...they could be banging on the sorting table.

Sounds a bit cliché doesn't it. I'm sure it happens though, but not in my world. At one point I had three boys at home, all playing school football AND I washed one of the team's jerseys every week. Talk about a mountain of stinky laundry.

So where does romance come in? 

Get your honey to help sort, fold, and put away laundry. Pour an adult beverage. Put on your favorite music. Have a little fun. 

Beware of voyeurs such as a cat in a basket.

What's it like at my house these days? 

You might me stacking neatly folded, warm towels with Flyboy's hands on my hips as I sway to the rhythm of the music. His breath tickling the back of my neck as he places kisses upon my neck.

You get the picture.

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