Saturday, October 6, 2018

Celebrating with a Zombie Killer

Fall in Michigan is incredibly beautiful. Colorful trees and the smell of leaves, acorns and apples. Hubby made a bonfire and is looking sexy while cutting wood. For the first time in a kah-zillion years we are not at a sports field on Saturdays. My teen boy & pals are tossing the pigskin to work up an appetite and consume a case of Koegel hot-dogs roasting over the fire pit.  Sitting in my cozy camp chair with my kindle in one hand and a glass in the other. Slightly distracted by hot-bod-honey chopping.

I'm celebrating the lovely autumn evening with a bottle of Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser. It's even good with a slice of the Banana Bread I made on #TastyTuesday. I'm a strong suporter of brews and wine produced in my state. This delightful bottle was created by B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale, Michigan. I heard about a Gold-Medal winning mead that a bunch of locals have been raving about, so I had to take my shot at it. B. Nektar has a fun sense of humor as you can see with their anti-zombie rhetoric on the bottle story and also on their website.

The label art done by Marcus Christy is very cool. It takes the zombie theme and applies it to a main ingredient, cherries. One cherry is killing the another zombie cherry with a sword while cherry juice blood is splattered everywhere. I save my emtpy bottles of Witches Brew to use in Halloween displays and I believe I'll add this bottle to my collection. Maybe even put in a string of lights for effect.

  I was introduced to mead when I was 16 staying with friends in Leicester, England. I've loved it ever since. This mead really coats the palate. It has some body but the tart zing really keeps the sweeter aspects at bay. Apple cidery zip, dry finish, delicious juiciness. The carbonation adds a nice little touch of effervescence that brings the flavors to the tip of your tongue. Ahhh... a great way to celebrate the end of a book.

Oh, oh... a zombie plot bunny just limped by. Hmmm.... will I write a zombie erotic romance story next? Ewe.

Why am I suddenly
in the mood to watch
Warm Bodies?

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