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1 Night Stand Blog Hop - Handcuffs & Silk

Hard, cold metal links used by cops to restrain criminals. - That doesn’t sound like fun.
May also be used for fun sexual games. - Now we’re talking!

 Handcuffs is an important items used by the characters in my book, Handcuffs & Silk. This 1 Night Stand story features a lady cop…thus the handcuffs. *wink, wink*
Stephanie "Stiff" Johnson, is a tough Las Vegas cop who many men find too intimidating to date. Steph begins to wonder if something is wrong with her so she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who could be the yin to her yang, even if it's just for one night.

Hunter Morgan left behind years of living as a sub to a female Domme in New York. Upon return to his hometown, he questions whether he wants to continue with the "lifestyle" or find something different. Turning to 1 Night Stand, he hopes to sample his options.

A simple one-night stand opens a whole new sensuous world to both.

Understanding your own sexuality and needs along with appreciating an amazing partner can lead to some wonderful adventures.
There are over 70 different models of handcuffs to choose from and that’s not even counting vintage sets collectors hold onto.  However, for sexual bondage and BDSM activities, special bondage cuffs with softer restraints are more comfortable.

The easiest and most common method of using cuffs is binding the hands to the bed, person laying on his/her back. It is also the most secure method of using as virtually zero pressure being put on your wrists. The pose grants high safety and full access to most tender parts of cuffed body.

Binding wrists in front of the body is almost as safe, and bound person can stand, lay and sit on his/her stomach and back with no or little discomfort. Pay attention to moving with handcuffs locked; do not make any abrupt moves. It's difficult to balance with wrists restrained together, and the "cop" should be ready to help falling body.

Hands behind the back is the best position if you wish to “control” the partner, it allows the least grade of freedom. Very difficult to keep balance and falling can cause bad hurt, so pay a lot of attention.

            * At all times use cuffs that have double lock feature.
            *Avoid cheap handcuffs, they can jam or become too tight.
            * Use handcuffs with someone you completely trust.
            * Make sure you speak to your partner before hand.
            * Have a safe word in any kind of role-playing; use this word if any play becomes               uncomfortable.

Hunter moved into the other room and lay still on the bed with his arms at his sides, silently waiting when Steph walked into the room. His eyes focused on the ceiling, his erection jutting upward, and she thought his nakedness a tribute to the gods or a meal spread out just for her. Dropping her purse, she straddled him, forcing his cock to lay between her and his belly.

"You have the right to remain silent." She clamped a handcuff roughly onto a wrist and raised both arms over his head to hook around the headboard rails then attached the remaining cuff to his free wrist. "Anything you say can and will be used against you for my pleasure."

The room filled with heat, yet the only sounds were their breathing, the creak of the bed, and the rasp of her boots as they brushed against his legs. She slid her hands under his back and he arched, inviting her to taste him. She ran her tongue across his belly, pausing to nip at each ridge of muscle, testing his sensitivity along the way to his nipples. Even though he didn’t make a sound, she knew his reaction by his hammering heart and the tremor of his skin.

Not wanting to miss an inch of skin, she took time exploring his chest and neck. His eyes still closed, he wore a smile as she nuzzled his neck and nipped at his earlobe. Parting her lips slightly, she placed feather-light kisses on his mouth, softly brushing his lips then pulling away to tease him with deeper kisses following.


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andieleah said...

Wow that cover is smoking hot!!! Love it and that yummy excerpt!

Yvette said...

Thanks for the tips when buying HC. Love the cover of the book!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thanks for participating in the blog hop, Mary!

I do love me some handcuffs, but I prefer the softer ones. LOL :)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Great cover!!! Decadent do have some fab ones. Good advice on the handcuffs, I fear I'd manage to link myself to something like a moving vehicle knowing my luck.

Unknown said...

I love being restained. Handcuffs, please!!! This book sounds hot!

jlhmass at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post and tips. Love the excerpt and book cover. Thanks for a chance at winning a great prize.

Drea Becraft said...

Safety tips as well as a good book...great post ;0)


Arlene said...

Wow. Nver knew there was so many types of hand cuffs. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

sounds like a hot one! Thanks for the chance to win it.
vanessa (at)thejeepdiva(dot) com

Carin said...

Thanks for the safety tips, safe and consensual!
This sounds like an amazing book very hot, smoking hot, scotch bonnet pepper hot! Thanks for giving me a chance to win it.

Brenda Demko said...

I never knew there were so many kinds of handcuffs. I like to read about it but I don't think that I would ever be comfortable doing it myself! lol! Thanks for adding to my TBR pile!

Melissa Keir said...

The cover is sizzling! I've learned something new today! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Makes me want to rush out and buy a pair of handcuffs. Can't decide which end of them I would like to be on though.


Fictional Candy said...

Fabulous handcuff tips ;) And that excerpt sounded great, I can't wait to read the rest of the story!


FantasiaFrog said...

Well! I never knew one ioda of that about cuffs. I'm a satin strip of cloth kinda gal, myself. Great post!

Anne said...

Thanks for the handcuff tips. I was unsure about the double locking, but I finally decided that each hand must lock separately, that way if one jams the other can be opened and the person can at least be released from the bed (if the cuffs are locked around a post).

Buffy Kennedy said...

Fun post, thanks so much!


V.S. Morgan said...

Hi Mary,

Just stopping by to say hi to a fellow DP author. I really enjoyed reading Handcuffs and Silk.

StacieD said...

The most important tip I ever heard from a bondage expert was to lock the handcuffs with the key in the lock. That way you know you HAD the key sometime that night. Otherwise you might have locked cuffs and no keys. Oops.

geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

elaing8 said...

This was a really great book.
Love this cover too.


Sue Sattler said...

I remember when my parents bought my kids metal handcuffs so they could play cops and robbers and one of my sons told them "mommy took my handcuffs and I want them back." That was fun explaining that to my parents. lol


Ashlynn Monroe said...

Just saying hi and the book looks great!

Julianne said...

Do we get a pair of handcuffs too??
I really enjoyed the excerpt. I'm really liking the 1NS series.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Zee Monodee said...

Loved the insight into handcuffs, Mary. Thanks!

And that hunk is smokin' hot on that cover :)

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D L Jackson said...

OMG, I've been eyeballing this one and got it recently. It's now happily in my TBR, waiting for the next writing binge when I get my 1NightStand fix. And I'm totally crushing on that cover.

Molly said...

Totally in love with that cover! Books with handcuffs for pleasure are always my weakness! Thanks for the chance to win :)


Unknown said...

I had no idea there were so many types of handcuffs. The book sounds hot (and really, really good too!).

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Unknown said...

I love the 1NS Series!

Toni said...

Thanks for the tips on handcuffs. Wish my man would get a pair!


Susan W. said...

Great advice on the handcuffs. Thanks for the giveaway!


bn100 said...

Nice excerpt and cover.


Brandi Slater said...

I love the book cover! The excerpt was amazing and I want more! Thanks for the giveaway!

Tamaria Soana said...

I'm a big fan of this series and would love to read this book!

Viari said...

That book cover is stunning, I do mean stunning! The excerpt was awesome, thanks for the giveaway.

Erykah Wyck said...

Hawt Cover its on my my TBR list.

Anyway just stopping in to say hello to fellow 1NS authors

Kerry said...

cool! lots of kinds of handcuffs. Very interesting!
thanks for sharing

Cara Bristol said...

Hot scenario! Loved the part where she read him his rights. Such fun.

Unknown said...

I love that cover! I really just need to buy this one. I am always looking at it.
Love the advice!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Pam said...

Handcuffs and Silk sounds really good. :) Great excerpt. And thank you for the giveaway.


Eva's Flowers said...

Hot, hot, hot!!! Thanks for that awesome excerpt ;)


Catherine Lee said...

Steph sounds like a strong heroine and I like that in my romances.
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June M. said...

Love the sound of this book. I have nor read many books with Dommes but this one definitely interests me.
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Dominique Eastwick said...

Who doesn't like a set of handcuffs or two :)

Stopping by to support all the 1NS authors :)

Adila Mammadova said...

"Anything you say can and will be used against you for my pleasure."
WOW, really WOW.

Want to read the book.

Thank for participating in the HOP.


Tina B said...

Love the excerpt! Thank you for tips for sensual handcuff use. :)
Thank you for the chance to read it.
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Dawn Chandler said...

That sounds very yummy. Can't wait to read it.

Unknown said...

OH my gosh!! I love any book that has handcuffs in it and I learned a lot from your awesome tips!! Can't wait to see what I can get into ;)

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Kristina's Books & More said...

Sounds super hot! And I LOVE the sexy Jimmy cover! :) Handcuffs may be worth trying one day!

Thanks for the giveaway and participating in this super fun hop!

Shadow said...

Sounds awesome! Very hot! Thank you so much for the giveaway and the awesome hop!

Becky said...

Mary, while I can't get behind the idea of being handcuffed, I do love to read about it. Hope your leg of the hop is going well!

JoAnna said...

Sounds like a great story! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Emily said...

Thanks for all the tips on handcuffs and their usage. While I'm not a fan of being tied down, I could definitely get behind doing it to someone else (get behind, get it? Hands behind...oh, forget it, corny joke, I know). Anyways, thanks for participating!!