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Valentine's Day Free Read

Queen Of Hearts - Free Full Read for Valentine's Day

Chapter 1

Jenny sat at her drawing table when the door slammed to the next apartment next and knew Josh Strubin was home. He'd have his suit coat off before reaching his bedroom. A slow smile slid into place as she imagined him tearing off his "monkey suit" and pulling on a comfortable pair of worn jeans over his strong legs and stretching a t-shirt across his solid chest.

Despite sharing a social life and apartment with his gay brother, plus the fact Jenny never saw a woman enter her friend's apartment, Josh insisted he actually preferred the female sex. He also never expressed anything other than friendship towards her, but that didn't stop her mind from traveling down Fantasy Avenue. As sexy as Josh was, he was also her best to Tracie of course.

Ever since meeting Josh, Tracie tried to play matchmaker and get them together as a couple. More than once Jenny imagined what it would be like to stroke Josh's naked body with her fingers, to experience the heat of his lips on hers. Her mind could wander for miles but she'd never set a foot into action; to do so would risk their friendship.

"Lucy! I'm home!" Josh barged through her door with his best Desi Arnaz imitation, "I have Chinese for dinner!"

"One of these days you're going to come through that door and find me naked." Jenny turned on her stool.

"If I could only be so lucky," Josh swaggered over to look at her drawing. "Oh, that's Mrs. Brown's little terrier. He reminds me of that dog, Benji. Looks good. You've got yourself a lucrative side business going."

"Thanks. Doing these pet portraits is fun and good money. Now let's eat, I'm starved." Jenny brushed past him on the way to the kitchen, "White wine?"

"Works for me."

Josh moved over to the couch, set the fast food containers on the coffee table and began opening them. His feet were bare, jeans torn and tight over his thighs, a black t-shirt with Snoopy holding a food bowl, with the words "Feed Me" spread across his buff chest. The muscles in his arms flexed gently as he moved, while strong but smooth hands picked up chopsticks and a silver ring glistened on one of his fingers.

Jenny handed him a glass of wine and sat next to him as he turned on the television. While he was surfing channels, she stole a glance. His sandy blonde hair, worn just past collar length, was messed up probably from changing and he didn't bother to comb it. Her fingers itched.

"So dear," she teasingly ran her fingers through his hair then patted his shoulder. "How was your day in retail hell?"

"Actually not so bad," Josh's turned and pushed some food into her mouth. "Now that inventory is done we can get back to selling. Men are coming in to pick up their spring and summer suits. Some nice light-weight wools arrive today so I spent most of the time calling my regular costumers. I'll have a nice commission check coming my way soon."

"Do you think you're going to spend the rest of your life in retail?" Jenny managed to say with a mouthful of chicken fried rice.

"I really enjoy it but hate working for someone else," Josh took a sip of wine. "I see myself in the suburbs someday... wife, kids, a dog, owning my own shop."

He sat back with a dreamy look in his hazel eyes and a crooked smile on his face. A wisp of hair fell onto his forehead. A day’s growth of beard accented high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, narrow nose, and a strong chin made Jenny think of a Roman soldier instead of her gentle neighbor.

"Really? I thought you'd be a forever player like your brother." She carefully picked up some chow mein noodles, "Or hooked up with a glamour boy."

"One, he's got some big plans that will benefit me."

"Big plans, huh, gonna fill me in?"

"In due time," Josh jutted is chin and raised an eyebrow as he looked down his nose at her. "Two, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not gay?" Josh groaned. "You keep pushing me, woman, I'll have to prove myself."

"Promises, promises," Jenny laughed. "Oh, loosen up, you know I love you and I love teasing you."

"I love you too, honey," Josh patted her knee with one hand and shoved food into her mouth with the other. "Now eat!"

"Dio mick up er cosume fum racie et?"

"Swallow, then speak."

"Did you pick up your costume from Tracie yet?"


"Oooo!" Jenny squealed. "Can I see it?"

"Absolutely not!" Josh finished chewing. "For once Tracie didn't pick out a goofy costume for me. Why does she have this thing for theme parties anyways?"

"She's just that way... artsy, creative, likes to have fun..."

"Has money to blow," Josh snorted.

"But I still want to see your costume!" Jenny's laugh was infectious. "I picked up mine today, it's the Queen of Hearts. Guess what Tracie is."

"The Good Witch of the North?"

"Wrong story, duffus. She's Alice."

"Go ask Alice," Josh started singing. "I wonder if there will be some special brownies at the party."

"Oh, brother," Jenny slapped his arm. "She's Alice from Alice in Wonderland. What's your costume? The White Rabbit?"

"The Mad Hatter," Josh wiggled his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. "Why do we let Tracie pick out our costumes?"

"One, we are too busy. Two, she has all the time. Three, I think she has ulterior motives behind the costume choices for us."

"Hmm..."Josh tapped his chin. "Let's see, for her summer party we were a couple of Bay Watch lifeguards, Halloween I was Frankenstein and you were the bride of Frankenstein. For New Year's Eve, you were Marilyn Monroe and I was Joe DiMaggio. Nope... not seeing a pattern.

"It's all in fun, Josh."

"I know. We always manage to have lots of fun."

"We certainly do." Jenny paused to eat another bite. "Are Aston and Dale going to Tracie's party?'

"No. My brother is going to a special party in the new VIP Lounge downtown. He's taking Dale." Josh waved his hand in the air. "They went shopping and brought home some interesting leather stuff."

"Leather?" Jenny's face looked so innocent.

"I think I need therapy after they modeled their fetish costumes."

"I bet!"

"Hey we can always crash that party if Tracie's gets boring," Josh winked.

"Did you get an invitation?"

Josh nodded.

"But how, through your brother?"

"It's all in who you know, baby. If you're ever interested in that lifestyle, I'd be glad to introduce you to it."

"You are such a pervert!" She held up a pillow as if to throw it, but dropped it with a laugh.

In comfortable silence they finished their meal and watched a game show. Josh lazily put his arm around Jenny while she sipped the last of her wine. Her blonde hair was pulled tightly into a ponytail. Even without makeup, Josh thought she was the most beautiful woman he knew. Her healthy glow reflected her love of life and he was glad to be a part of it. Never in his life had he let himself become so close to a woman. He trusted her and shared his deepest thoughts, with the exception of his feelings for her.

Time spent with her was so perfect. He loved the way she looked whenever he entered her apartment after work. Usually dressed in jeans, sitting at her drawing table with her legs wrapped around the stool, long blonde hair looking windblown. When she greeted him with her sexy smile, making his senses hyper, he became tempted to cross the invisible line between friends and lovers. Late at night he would imagine her laying in her bed sleeping, wonder what she would do if he snuck into her apartment. Would she wrap those delicious legs around his waist?

He felt himself growing hard, with a sigh he shifted his weight.

"So tell me again why we never dated?"

"We've just been such good friends for so long..." Jenny turned slightly, heat spread across his torso.

"So? You know they say the best lover is your best friend," he spoke slowly and softly while nuzzling her hair.

"How about some ice cream?" Jenny asked. Jumping up and heading to the kitchen, she seemed nervous.

"After drinking wine?"

"Why not?"

"Oh, okay, sure."

Josh put his feet on the coffee table and became more determined to break through her barriers. He had been in love with her for some time and suspected she felt the same. It was time to take their relationship one step farther. Tomorrow night at Tracie's Valentine's Day costume party would be the perfect opportunity.

"Hey, just grab a couple spoons and bring the carton over here." Josh patted the couch. "Come sit with me and watch the movie coming on. I promise I won't bite...unless you want me to."

"If it's scary, don't freak me out. The last time you did that I almost wet myself."

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, get in the spirit. This one is a romantic comedy about two vampires who fall in love."

Chapter 2

Jenny just finished putting the dishes away when Josh walked into her apartment carrying two lattes from the corner coffee shop and a small white paper bag. Looking as hot at the steam rising from the cups in his hand, Josh carefully slid out of his shoes and walked into the kitchen. After placing his leather jacket on the chair, he rubbed his hands together to warm them.
"Damn, it's cold outside." He complained.

"Well, let's see what made you brave the temperatures to bring us today." Jenny peaked inside the bag to find a couple blueberry muffins, "Oh, yummy!"

While she was distracted mooning over the muffins, Josh tried to put his cold hands under her shirt. He barely touched her warm flesh but she jumped and let out a squeal. Laughing, he sat down and peeled back his coffee lid.

"You asshole, now I'm going to be freezing all day!" Pretending to pout, Jenny sat across the table from him.

"I can think of ways to warm you and my hands up." His voice was like chocolate silk and she found herself craving more.

"You just keep your hands to yourself or I'll tie them together."

"Now if you want to do that, we can go next door and pull out some of my brother's toys. Leather, silk, metal, whatever you choose."

Josh's eyes turned dark with a predatory glint. Jenny recognized the heat behind his teasing, make that , tempting smile. His lips were so kissable.

"Josh, what's gotten into you lately? You are more obnoxious than usual."

He simply responded by throwing his head back for a hearty laugh. Jenny wanted to jump on his lap, wrap her arms around his neck and kiss the smirk right off his face. Instead she sneered and stuck out her tongue at him.

"Tracie is sending a limo over to pick us up at 6pm." Jenny changed the subject.

"I won't be going with you." Josh played with his coffee cup. "Ashton is having a pre-party before they go to the club. He and his friends are taking a limo and will drop me off."


"You sound disappointed." Josh reached out and took her hand in his. Heat raced through her veins with need. "It's just that it's an important night for my brother and I kind of want to be there for him. Would you like to go with me?"

"No, but thank you. It's okay, really." Jenny smiled to let Josh know she wasn't upset. "Not every day one gets special invites to clubs like that."

Ashton and his friends were into underground clubs, leather and bondage as well as kinky things she didn't have a clue about. She wondered if Josh participated in such activities with men or women or both at the same time. The way he looked at her, she'd probably do whatever he asked of her.

"Promise to still come to Tracie's and not get caught up in Ashton's crowd."

"I promise, cross my heart," Josh crossed his heart with his hand. "Ash already said they'd be out all night and not to expect him back until tomorrow."



"Have you ever... I mean... did you ever? I mean when you're with Ashton and his friends..." She wanted to know but couldn't put it into words.

"Hmmm?" his eyes danced while the corner of his mouth turned into a grin.

Jen scowled, he was going to force her to say it.

"Have you ever had guy sex?" There she said it. "Whew!"

"You've been dying to ask that for a long time." His eyes flew wide open but his voice was calm. "It was traumatic for you to ask wasn't it?"

"Yes. Now I'm embarrassed that I asked." Jenny looked down and started fidgeting with her cup. "I probably crossed a line somewhere."

"There’s always a time to cross lines."

Josh stood up, took Jenny by the hands and quietly led her to the couch. Her heart beat wildly as she sat next to him, their knees touching. A serious shadow blanketed his face. Jenny looked away.

"Guy sex, huh?" He lifted her chin with her finger. "You are my best friend. I've been open with you regarding my promiscuous past. I thoroughly enjoyed women and parties. I care about you...deeply. And I trust you."

Jenny felt a cold wave of mixed emotions wash over her body. Knowing he felt close enough to share a secret was nice, but what if the secret was something she didn't want to know? What if it broke heart? What if it made her fall in love with him? Was she already in love with him?

"There came a time when I wasn't entirely happy and wondered if there was more to sex or if I was missing something." His face was hard as he spoke. "My brother fixed me up with some guy in his circle and we went out to the clubs. After a lot of drinking I was open to try anything so we went back to his place."

"What did you do?" Jenny looked right into his soul; big blue eyes reflecting questions surely passing through her mind.

Pausing, Josh thought of how Jenny had been his best friend over the years, the one person other than his brother who was a constant in his life. Josh knew at that moment he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman. She was innocent and curious, gentle and loving. He wanted her to know everything about him.

"It started with just kissing but the heat turned up quick, then things just happened."

"Oh." Jenny looked away, hurting Josh.

"Jenny," he touched her cheek. "I learned that night it was empty sex that made me feel alone. I wanted love, a relationship that was more than sex. I wanted someone I could laugh with."

"And cry with," Jenny teased obviously trying to lighten the mood.

"Hey, I openly admit to crying while watching Marley and Me. You saw me." Josh ran his fingers through her soft golden waves creating a tingling sensation. "Come on, I'm being serious here."

"I'm sorry," she sighed. "What happened after that night?"

"I was still empty and alone. We parted and went our separate ways. Ashton told me I wasn't cut out to live in his world. He suggested I find a good woman and settle down. I became more selective with dating and my social life."

"Do you still feel alone?" Her eyes glistened.

"No, Jenny." He held back from spilling his emotions on her lap. "I'm actually quite happy, S
sexually frustrated, but happy."

"Why are you sexually frustrated?"

"Because I haven't had sex in two years."

"You're kidding me!"

"Unfortunately, Jen, I'm not kidding."


"There is only one person I want badly enough. I guess you could say I'm saving myself for her." A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest.

"Oh," Jenny felt a cold wave rush over her and her eyes cast downward out of fear of what Josh might see.

"Jenny," his voice was soft; he dipped his head to look at her, "I want you so bad, it's killing me.

Jenny didn't say a word but sat and stared at him. Passion flickered in his eyes. She was in shock at the words he just spoke. He wanted her! He leaned toward her as if to kiss her. Wanting to feel his lips, she didn't move. Anticipation was thrilling.

His hand cupped her jaw as he slowly drew her closer with a certain amount of hesitancy. Still staring into his eyes, she felt his breath on her check. When she felt his lips leave small feather-light kisses across her check, her eyes, her nose, she gave a small moan. His lips found hers, a gentle delicacy at first only to slowly evolve into a deeper kiss.

He tasted of latte and blueberries, his cheek rough from not shaving, his smelled of woody citrus. Sliding closer, she wrapped her arms around him. His kiss devoured her and left her wanting more when he pulled away with a groan.

"I've got to go," he rose to his feet. "I'll see you tonight, Queen of Hearts.

Chapter 3
Looking out the penthouse windows, Jenny sipped the champagne. Touching her lip where a drop had been left behind, made her think of Josh's kiss and confession. A shiver of excitement ran up her spine.

"He'll be here soon. Josh has never missed one of my parties and I know he'd never stand you up."

Jenny felt her friend take her hand to give it a squeeze. Tracie was wearing a cute but very, very short Alice costume with an attached ruffle apron and petticoat. Details included red hearts topping her thigh-high stockings, pearl stud earrings, a velvet tie at her neck and a light blue bow in her blonde locks.

"Thanks, Trace," Jenny smiled, "I'm not worried. It's not like he's my date or anything."

"Holy shit, you might want him as your date," her friend nodded toward the private elevator. "If you don't want him, I'll certainly take him off your hands."

Jenny turned to see what had caught her friend's eyes and saw Josh stepping with bold confidence into the penthouse looking around. She knew the moment he spotted her, their eyes locked.

Striking a pose left her breathless. A red ribbon wrapped around his black top hat, resting at an angle over his right eye. The shoulders of his tuxedo coat accented his broad shoulders. The coat opened to reveal a red vest, blue bow tie and black shirt. Josh stood with his feet wide apart, black tails of his coat hung behind legs clad in black. He wore fingerless red and black gloves with one hand resting on a carved rabbit head on his white cane. His other hand was fisted at his side with tension.

Lifting her eyes back to his face, Josh's eyes bore into her soul with need and desire. His jaw was taunt, until his lips slowly slide into a sexy smile.

When Josh spotted Jenny standing next to Tracie he saw the flush in her face and enjoyed the moment of watching her eyes travel across his body. He imagined feeling her eyes and fingers on his body without clothing. Taking a moment to admire his Queen of Hearts, she was incredibly sexy.

Black leather boots fit tight up to her knees. Her risqué gown was black velvet, trimmed in white satin with red hearts on her bodice. The long part of the gown was open in the front along with the skirt hiding what most desperately wanted in the shadows of the material. Jenny's hair was pulled back tight with a crown of crystals upon her head. She wore makeup and red lipstick fit for the queen. Resting her weight on one leg, holding a glass of champagne in one hand, she looked like true royalty.

His, yes, tonight and forever, she would be his.

With determined strides he crossed the room; his eyes never leaving hers. Josh noticed her lips part. Ruby red lips simply desiring to be kissed.

"You made it!" Tracie laughed. "The costume is so you. You’re such a Mad Hatter."

Josh stopped so close to Jenny he could feel her heat. He tipped his hat to the ladies but only focused on one. He carefully took the champagne from Jenny.

"Well, I'm mad," handing the glass to Tracie, he raised an eyebrow at Jenny.

Her lips parted as if she was going to speak but Josh decided not to let a word escape. He moved forward placing one hand firmly on her back and pulled her close. With the other hand he cupped her head and brought his lips down on hers. She tasted so good, he could certainly get used to kissing her every day...all day. Her lips parted allowing her tongue to dance with his.
He felt her body wilt slightly as she let out a moan when his lips left hers for a moment. His grip tightened on her.

"My Queen of Hearts," he murmured in her ear and trailed kisses down her neck. He rubbed her jaw with his thumb. "We've been friends for a long time, you've been my best friend for most of them... and now I'm in love with you. You have my heart, my sweet."

Jenny's hands had been resting against his chest now moved and wrapped around his neck. She opened her eyes and he was lost in the passion he saw there. Josh could feel her body pressing hard against him. He groaned when she pushed against his hardness, she smiled wickedly.

"Jenny...I'm sorry I can't hide my feelings any longer. I know I might be crossing the line and messing up our friendship." He was losing his resolve, "Take a chance on me Jenn, on us."

"Josh," her voice was almost a whisper that caressed his senses. "I don't know what to say."

"Come on, Jenn, say something."

"Will you be my Valentine?" She placed tender kisses with tiny bites on his jaw.

"Oh, God," he could hardly breathe, "I'll be your Valentine every day for the rest of your life. "

"Yes, my love?"

"I love you too."

Josh thought he was going to start hyperventilating so he kissed her instead. The last two years of celibacy were trying his patience. He pooled his strength to resist a little longer. A special night was planned.

"Well, my work here is done," Tracie giggled and slapped her hands. "You two better get a room or you'll draw a crowd."

"Do you want to leave?" Josh nuzzled Jenny's cheek.

"Most definitely," she purred.

Chapter 4
"I'm confused," Jenny buckled her seatbelt. "Where are we going?"

After pulling onto the highway, Josh reached over to take her hand. Giving each finger his attention his kissed and licked. Jenny squirmed in her seat. After leaving Tracie's party, they stopped at her apartment and Josh instructed her to pack an overnight bag. She was disappointed he hadn't pulled her into his arms and made love to her. However, she knew he was raging a war with himself and maintaining control.

"God, you are so incredibly sexy!" Josh nibbled on a fingertip as he drove.


"Oh, yes... where are we going?" He squeezed her hand but didn't let go. "You know how my brother went to the new club tonight?"


"Well, it's actually his club. He and a couple other guys went into business together and started a company. They actually own several clubs; underground and regular Joe places."

"Wow! That's amazing. Why haven't you mentioned this before?"

"Ash is superstitious. And he didn't want to jinx anything." Josh gave her hand a quick kiss. "Anyways, Ash made me one of the shareholders. I have enough money to follow my dream."

"Your own business?"

"That and more," Josh pulled off the highway into a suburb.

Jenny was content with her hand in Josh's. What she had felt for a long time, was simply amplified now. She gazed out the windows at the lovely homes. Thoughts of her future floated into her mind; a home and a family. Looked over to Josh, he smiled at her and kissed her hand again. Then he looked away, slowed down and pulled into a driveway.

"Hey, Lucy...I'm home." He leaned over and kissed her lips, softly, gently, with a promise. Her heart beat with excitement and love.

"Where are we?" Jenny fell in love with the large window overlooking a classic porch. "Who's house is this? Why are we here?"

"This is my house," Josh held a key reflecting in the light. "I just bought it yesterday. Come on, let me give you the nickel tour."

Grabbing both overnight bags from his trunk, Josh led Jenny into the house. The furniture had been delivered that morning and he was anxious to try out the bed. So after exploring the rooms, he grabbed Jenny around the waist and pulled her close.

"I hope this isn't happening too fast."

"Deep inside, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I knew I'd fall in love with you and maybe get my heart broken."

"Oh, my Queen of Hearts," Josh removed her tiara, "I will never break your heart. Trust me."

"I do," her eyes spoke all the words her lips didn't.

Jenny tugged at his coat until it fell of his shoulders.

"I've had fantasies of undressing you." Slowly she worked the buttons of his vest, pushing it off his arms.

"Then, please continue," his voice was raspy. "I won't interrupt you."

Without hesitation, Jenny's fingers untied the bow at his neck and released the buttons of his shirt. Her hands were warm as they slowly explored his chest. He couldn't remember being touched with such care. His body craved more. His legs could barely hold him when he felt her lips touch him.

"Love me, Josh."

His hands had been resting on her waist when Josh let out a groan and lifted Jenny into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He carefully put her back on her feet as he kissed her. His hands slid along her back and tugged the zipper of her dress. Once loosened, the gown came off easily and dropped to the floor. Josh stepped back to view her perfect skin, breasts, and the curve of her hips. He needed her. Leading her to the bed he removed her boots one at a time, touching her legs, calves, feet and toes; taking great care to fan the flame he knew was burning within her.
With a kiss he pushed her back against the bed. Jenny grabbed the material of his shirt in her fists. His mouth covered hers as she pressed her body against his. Sliding his arm under her, he rolled putting her on top. Sitting up she felt his erection through his pants. Josh's hands palmed her breast, as he sat up to take a nipple in his mouth. Delightful sensations sparked at every touch of his fingers and tongue. With a deep growl, he rolled her again and pulled her panties off as his mouth traveled downward.

Using his whole hand he stroked the creamy heat of her womanhood; her back arched, tingling all over, wanting more. Pleasure teased her, making her writhe in frustration. Soon her body trembled and again grabbed at his shirt to keep from spinning out of control but it was too late.
Josh rose above her and plunged his tongue into her mouth. With remaining strength, she pushed against his chest and sat up.

"You have too many clothes on," Jenny tucked her feet under her and waved her hand at him, "Strip."

"Yes, my queen," his hazel eyes flashed.

A wicked grin spread across his face as he slowly removed his clothing and shoes. Sexual excitement rose higher as he stood there in the buff allowing her to see all of him. She knew he was enjoying every moment.

Josh had a swimmer's golden body, long and lean. His legs were solid muscle, his waist was narrow, abs hard as rock. Looking at his chest, Jenny thought of the many nights she had fallen asleep in his arms nestled against him. The comfort she always felt when with him, gave her a security she had never felt. With nothing but affection, she reached out and touched his chest running her fingers along his muscles and downward through the coarse hair under his bellybutton. Wrapping her hand around his arousal, she stroked the velvet tip with a finger.
Holding out her hand to him was a simple invitation he could not refuse. Josh crawled into the bed next to her. His need was great but he wanted to savor every moment.

"Make love to me, Josh." The plea left her lips.

"I'm about to lose any control I've saved tonight," Josh looked into her face. "Are you sure about this, about us?"

"More than I've been sure about anything else in my life." Jenny sighed. "I need you, I want"

"You are so beautiful."

Fire raged within and he took possession of her mouth, knowing she would feel he was losing himself. Control began to escape. He slid his body between her legs, her hands clutched his shoulders. She cried out when he entered her wetness. They fit together as if made for each other. Jenny arched her back to meet his intimate thrusts. He felt the tension rising in her body, searching for release.

Being inside Jenny after dreaming about her for so long, was like being in heaven. He didn't want it to end, but felt himself soaring. Under him, Jenny arched throwing her head back splaying blonde hair over the pillow. Her fingers ran down his back and dug into his butt, then she cried out his name.

Josh felt himself spinning but managed to look down to where they were joined feeling her muscles holding him in a vice grip with powerful contractions. He drew the heat of her climax into his own body for his own.

"I love you, Jenny." His face buried along her neck as he collapsed.

"I love you, Josh." Her arms wrapped tightly around him as if to never let go.

Still joined, Josh raised onto his elbows, stroking her hair. His heart aching from joy, he gently placed his lips on hers for a tender kiss.

"Marry me Jenn... let this house be our house. Let us have a future together."

Jenny froze and simply stared at him for a moment before her eyes welled. She gave him a tight squeeze and kissed him all over his face with excitement.

"Yes, I'll marry you." she paused from her lavish kisses, "on one condition."

"Anything... you name it." Josh groaned in pleasant agony.

"Make love to me like this every day, for the rest of my life."

"Said and done." His mouth slowly explored her body with little nips and licks, "How about twice a day?"

I hope you enjoyed Josh & Jenny's story!


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