Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Foreplay Fundamentals

1. Fruit. Sensual fruit such as strawberries, grapes and bananas may be easily found in your kitchen and can be a lot of fun to tease with. Try dancing around your partner and feed him bits of fruit while teasing him with your body.

2.Sensual food. Whipping cream (see my 13 Things to Do with Whipping Cream). Chocolate and other sensual foods.

3. A nice beverage. Wine is always nice but a hot cup of coco or tea can be sensual in its own way especially in winter. Try a cup of spicy Masala Chai, or a tea containing yarrow, or better yet the aphrodisiac tea - Black Galingale.

4. Candles. Men have a tendency to prefer candles that smell like food – vanilla, orange spice, melon. Women may prefer floral scents for romance. Cluster candles on a reflective tray. I like to mix the scents – Lavender, vanilla or orange spice, Hawaiian flower, white tea & ginger. Visit a local candle shop and select candles together for a special evening.

5. Sensual music. What gets you in the mood? Soft jazz for a romantic evening of slow love making? Underground dance music for some creative adventuring? Hard rock for some fierce pounding? I suggest picking out the music in advance and being flexible to your mood at the time. One night you might like soft jazz, the next you might choose something louder.

6. Lingerie. Silk boxers for him, g-string for her? Silk slip? Flannel pants and tight cotton tank? Whatever you feel sexy in is what you should choose. However, latest polls show men don’t like lots of lace and buttons/snaps.

7. Sheets. If you’re taking it to bed think of what feels good under you. Don’t always think silk sheets are the best… flannel sheets are very cozy, especially in the northern regions.

8. Blankets. If you visit my house, you’ll notice a variety of cozy, soft blankets on a blanket rack in the great room. They aren’t just for making kids’ forts. Ever try snuggling on a leather couch under a fleece blanket? Try it!

9. Lotions. Keep ones that sensually inspire your mind and ones that can be licked off.

10. Feather. My personal fav! Ever wonder why romance writers love writing plumes so much. Heh, heh. Next time you’re at the zoo, pick up an ostrich feather or visit you local sex shop for some top notch fun feathers.

11. Blindfold, silk scarves, hand cuffs. Need I say anything more?

12. Love coupons. Pick up a booklet of them or print them on the computer. Hide a coupon in a special place for your honey to find. A great teaser!

13. Romantic games. There’s a wide variety out there. A great way to add a little exploration into your love life.

Always remember, laughing, giggling and tickling in bed can be wonderful foreplay move.

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Alice Audrey said...

Snuggling under a blanket is a great idea. I think I will try it.

Kimberly Menozzi said...

I always say: don't be afraid to improvise. Heh.

I am Harriet said...

Nothing wrong with a little romance.

Have a great day!

Darla M Sands said...

Very nice inspiration. Thank you for sharing and have a very happy New Year!

Paige Tyler said...

Those are all so fun! Great TT!

Happy New Year!


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A. Catherine Noon said...

I love these, Mary! They're great ideas. Thanks for sharing! (Hubby thanks you too!)

Xakara said...

I'll make sure to have all those things on hand for New Year's Eve. *smile*

Happy New Year!

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Lanie Jordan said...

Great list!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome (and I'm all for trying new things). *wink* I hope you have a fantastic new year, Mary! *Hugs*

Unknown said...

Sniff Sniff...
Sometimes being single SUX! Great list.
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

We got a whole block of chocolate at work as a holiday gift and we were thinking of melting it and dipping in some fruit. However, your blog post gives me other ideas of what could/should be dipped!

Also, I have it on good authority - from Drop Dead Fabulous, the only perfumery in Wenatchee, WA - that men will follow the scent of Vanilla the longest. So which flavor of soap do you think I purchased? :)

Great list!