Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Blog Tour - Hot & Steamy

Welcome to another stop on the Summer Hot & Steamy Days & Nights Blog Tour. You should have dropped in from Christa Paige's site. Take a minute and get your breath.

Now enjoy an excerpt from Lonely Soul.

When the door opened they dropped their skates and fell into each other’s arms. Ignoring the excited dogs, they only saw each other. Their lips ravished each other with the promise of intense passion. Lauren knocked his cap off and pulled his shirt over his head. When she stopped to run her hands over his bare chest his head fell back with a moan of pleasure. She touched the clear crystal pendant hanging on a silver chain from his neck. Her eyes questioned him.

“It gives my heart strength.” The words barely came out of his mouth.

Her hands slid across his chest. Electricity shot from her fingers. Any control he expected to have was long gone with the look of desire in her eyes.

He pulled her shirt off and undid her bra. Her body was warm with sweat but smelled like lavender vanilla. He trailed kisses across each breast giving each nipple equal attention from his mouth. She arched her back, her breath quickened, not resisting her throat he kissed a path back to her mouth. His whole body became hard as Lauren pressed her body to his with a small gyration against his erection. Picking her up, he carried her into the bedroom.

She tugged at the snap on his shorts but he stopped her. With a quick move her shorts and panties were on the floor. He stepped back to take her in. She was a goddess in his eyes and he would love her with the intensity she deserved. Warm hands grabbed his hips. Knowing how much she wanted him along with her touch, he soared to the outer limits of space.

Quickly her hands managed to get him out of the rest of his clothing. The sexy smile on her face told him that she was pleased with what she saw. His vision blurred when she ran her hand along the ridged length of him. Taking his hand she led him to her bed, her blue eyes pulling his soul from his body. Like an inexperienced teenager he felt nervous but as the experience lover he was, Mike regained control and led the dance.

With every touch, he claimed her, possessed her. She wanted him, but he wanted to give her more. She took him to Heaven he wanted to take her to paradise. Lauren arched against him as he leisurely ran his hand down the length of her body to rest between her thighs. A sigh escaped from her lips while caressed her skin with his mouth and touched her heat with his hand. A smooth leg draped over his hip and he felt all his plans of making slow passionate love to Lauren dissipate. Animal instincts took over and he just wanted to be inside her.

He hesitated in an attempt to monitor his emotions; she took his shoulders to roll him onto his back while she kissed his neck and chest. The ability to focus came back when Lauren sat straddling him. She was so beautiful, her lips begging to be kissed more, her body called to him. Sitting up he wrapped his arms around her and took her mouth. Without letting her go, he carefully moved her under him. Lauren skimmed her hands across his butt as she spread her legs, freely offering what he craved.

“Oh, Mike.” Her hoarse whisper wove through his mind. “I’m on fire.”

“So am I Lauren,” he answered with his mouth hovering about hers. “So am I.”

Resting his cheek against hers, Mike wanted to listen to Lauren’s reaction as he entered her. She was warm, wet and somewhat tight. He heard her gasp as the breath left his own lungs. Holding her firmly, they rolled across the bed.

Sitting on top of him, still connected Lauren gave him a wicked smile. After she brought her knees along his hips, she slowly rode him as he held her hips. Taking his hand with hers, they traced the contour of her body. Mike sat up, Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist, holding her tightly he lowered her back onto the bed.

Fingers gripped his back and he felt Lauren match each thrust. He drove in deep and felt her shudder under him but kept gently rocking her higher. Her response gave him satisfaction.

Slowly, Lauren opened her eyes. Mike’s face was taunt as he looked down at her as if he was holding back; his eyes were dark with lust. His movements were slow and controlled as he penetrated deeply. His hand reached under to cup her butt, she felt him even deeper. With her hand, she touched his cheek. He closed his eyes and sounded his release.

Feeling the pulses of intensity deep inside her, Lauren pushed against Mike for a second orgasm. She held on to him, tighter than before. His hands cradled her head as he guided her ride on the waves of passion.

Reluctant to leave the inside of her body, he shifted his weight without pulling out. Their bodies were slick with sweat. It was too early to sleep, but Lauren was spent and snuggled to Mike. He sighed and stroked her naked body like a painter would with a brush. Even though he didn’t say any words she could feel his emotion. His touch was full of deep affection and she found herself falling in love with the man.

Mike’s stomach grumbled and they both began to laugh. He slid off her, cool air surrounded her. Laying on his side propped up on his elbow he traced her face with his fingers. When he lowered his head for another kiss, his stomach grumbled again.

“I think we should feed you,” Lauren giggled.

“You know that when your stomach growls it means you’re horny, right?” Navy eyes danced.

“Really! Now I don’t know if I should feed you,” Lauren pushed him on to his back and lay across his chest. “Or not bother with food and just give you more of this?”

She began placing feather kisses along his neck, across his shoulders, chest and abdomen. His manhood answered the call. His stomach growled once more before Lauren climbed on top of him and joined together them once more. Taking his hands, she held them next to the headboard as he allowed her to play the game. Not able to resist, Mike moved with her, his head went back as he thrust towards her.

Lauren knew she was making him feel good when she felt the explosive heat inside and in the way he breathlessly said her name. Not missing a beat, she joined him as white heat spread from the place they were joined through her body.

As she lay still with her head on his chest, a low grumble echoed from his belly.

“I think we should get some food this time.”

“Ah, yeah.” Mike sighed as he sat up. “I’m losing brain function.”

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