Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Natural Aphrodisiacs

Today's post was originally posted several years ago. With a few edits I've decided to share it again.

Many New Year's Resolutions include "eating and living healthy". This TT is for those who may want to add some "natural health" to their sex lives.

The word “aphrodisiac” comes from the Greek goddess of sensuality, love and beauty, Aphrodite. They are agents used to increase sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs can be foods, herbs and supplements, tinctures, teas for ingestion or bathing, or oils for massage or scent. Aphrodisiacs are a fun way to generate sensual feelings, enhance your sexual experience, and increase your level of sexual performance. Various herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals can be found easily at any health food store. Check with packages for directions or ask a specialist regarding organic herbs for advice on dosages and uses.

(Natural Herbs & Spices)
1. Ginkgo biloba – the “longevity herb”
2. Ginseng – increases sexual appetite
3. Horney goats weed – stimulates desire and gives you energy
4. Lovage – used in love brews for women
5. Rosemary – add to food and also good added to a bath

6. Sassafras tree – used to make MDMA, the root cortex of this tree is used in making sensual oils and is also ingested
7. Saw palmetto – promotes circulation – especially in the genitals
8. Yarrow – ingest tonic or chew on the raw stem 3 hours or so before intercourse – a stimulant

(Vitamins and Minerals)

9. B-Complex – increases energy, metabolism, and function of nerves – directly related to sexual fulfillment
10. Kelp – used to help an improperly functioning thyroid gland that causes fatigue and lowered sex drive, among other symptoms
11. L-Tyrosine – increases sexual drive, decreases reactions to stress, and helps depression
12. Wheat – strengthens sexual organs
13. Zinc – key for healthy sexual function

Try something new and natural to brew up a sensual love life.


Nessa said...

I love rosemary. i have big bushy plants beside my front door and when you come in you brush the plants and the smell follows you. Yummy.

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Anonymous.Girl said...

Love love love this list.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Awww this is simple great and useful. most of the mentioned aphrodiacs were not yet heard of (by me of course), coz all I know was those natural aphrodisiac foods. Thanks for sharing!

All the best!
Shruti xoxoxox

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