Friday, June 14, 2013

Fetish Friday - Gotta Have Those Shoes!

Do you and your honey like to role play? How about "Shoe Salesman"?
Have you ever bought a sexy pair of shoes?

A 19th Century opera started the tradition of a man drinking champagne out of the brides shoe. In 2009, a shoe manufacture made a glass shoe just for this purpose.

Sigmund Freud considered the foot binding practiced by the Chinese as a form of fetishism. Qing Dynasty sex manuals listed 48 different ways of playing with women's bound feet.

The movie There's Something About Mary featured a former boyfriend of Mary with a shoe fetish. He tried to steal her shoes.

In the animated comedy show Family Guy the character Glenn Quagmire has a foot and shoe fetish, among other fetishes.

In Lady Gaga's music video "Paparazzi (explicit version)" by Johnas Akerlund there is a scene in which a man is licking the singer's black high heeled pump.

FACT: According to psychologists, the shoe and the foot are the most common sources of sexual fetishism in Western society.

Hmm... come on ladies... we get pedicures, paint out toe nails, wear toe rings, and slide our feet into six inch heeled shoes... we know we like it.
Besides, foot rubs are divine!

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