Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Poetry Corner - I Close My Eyes

The 5th book in The Soul Series, Dark Soul, features the band Dark Cloud. My original songs are featured throughout the story. Alas, this is currently a work-in-progress so take this as a little tease.

"I Close My Eyes"
(This is a song that took 3rd place in a national song lyric competition.)

They say there is an emotion;
It exists but only for a few.

(chorus) It has no name,
No words can describe.
I close my eyes,
I am filled.

Stronger than love,
transcending time.
It knows not birth nor death,
only existence.


Felt in the touch of your hand,
Lost in the darkness of my soul.
Heard in the heartbeat,
against my cheek.


Memories of skin on skin may fade,
the emotion continues on.
Thriving in the confusion,
hidden in the emptiness inside.


Never to leave,
but a part of me for eternity.
Hungry for more,
I will remain content.

(repeat chorus 2X)
fade w/ repeated "I close my eyes".

Monday, September 2, 2019

A Special Visitor

The hero in Crow Magic is a Native American Crow Shifter. The storywas inspired by a series of tales told by a family friend, “Indian Dave”. Sitting around the bonfire as kids, he taught the spirituality side of the gifted animal shifters. Even today when I see an animal, I wonder if it is a shifter or not.

A couple days ago a young hawk took a tumble in the fog while hunting in our wood. He found a quiet perch to dry off and rest, allowing my son and I a rare opportunity for a friendly visit. We approached him carefully and spoke to him in Chippewa. His reaction surprised us as he calmed down and simply watched us. He gazed at us as if settling in for conversation. At one point he showed curiosity regarding my cell phone.

Hawks are considered messengers. I asked “Gekek” (Chippewa for Hawk) if he had a message for me. Words entered my mind. “You need to begin writing a Hawk Shifter story.”

I told him I would obligate his request. 

After several hours, he flew over my house with a call. What a blessing to have had him for the day!

At time of blog post publishing:
I currently have the first few chapters completed for Hawk's Honor.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Poetry Corner - The Silver Circle

Touch the silver chain,
Precious links wound ‘round your neck.

Let your fingers stroke
The tiny silken circles.

The cool of metal
Against the warm heat of skin.

Each link is a word.
Forming thoughts.
Creating ideas.
Weaving stories.

What words do you hear?
“Once upon a time…”
“In the terror of the storm…”
“Look to the west, the sun is rising…”

Listen to your heart.
How does your story end?

Search, find the last link.
You know the one, sad but true.

Tired not broken,
Holding the silver circle.

Staying together,
Not willing to be destroyed

What are the last words?
I love you eternally.
                                    - Mary Quast

Sunday, August 25, 2019

#SneakPeekSunday – Crow Magic

Enjoy six paragraphs from Crow Magic.

Hearing her name, she focused on him. He had removed his shirt, his bare chest shining with sweat while his arms commanded the night. As every muscle rippled, he emitted supernatural power, sending erotic shivers through her. With a quick bow, he began an ancient dance, moving in a series of mystical twists and turns. Through the graceful movements, he became god-like in the candlelight. Not able to take her eyes off the shaman dance, she caught sight of a large tattoo of black wings covering most of his back with the wing tips hidden under the edge of his pants.

The flames continued to stroke her without pain. Tongues of pleasure lapped her skin. She closed her eyes, the vision of black feathers embracing her returned. Was it her crow spirit or his? Power coursed through her veins and the inferno absorbed fear and apprehension. The face of a crow appeared and whispered her name. A violent renewal of forgotten vigor and confidence emerged. Inhibitions developed into sexual recognition. Fiery fingers caressed her torso and cupped her breasts. Her back arched in pleasure.

“May the flame continue to burn and always remind Lucy of her power as a woman.”

His voice drew her attention. She managed to open her eyes. Firelight painted his rigid muscles in gold and bronze. A lean warrior stood his ground, calling upon the elements to do his bidding. Silken wings emerged from his back and flexed behind him and in one fluid motion he unlocked his grasp and with his palms turned, plunged his arms downward.

“So be it!” His voice roared with the blare of many voices.

He held her gaze. The flames extinguished and electricity shot through her in a sudden piercing pain, followed by a wave of emotional warmth and comfort. The fire destroyed the demons of her past. Never again would she be harmed by a man or her fear. She commanded her own sensuality. Love poured from her inner core and encompassed her.

The hero in this story is a Native American Crow Shifter. 
If you had an animal spirit which would it be? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019