Tuesday, February 25, 2020

#TastyTuesday - Gypsy's Simmer Pot

Today's post isn't real isn't just "Tasty" but it smells really good.
"Tis the season of the common cold, the creeping crud, the flu and other seasonal ailments. 
I have a special gypsy friend who is wise and has many wonderful tips to share. 
She recommends the use of a Simmer Pot during the cold, dry winter months.

Gypsy Lady

A Simmer Pot is any large pot of water placed on the stove to simmer for many hours. The steam will add much needed humidity to your home and help with breathing issues. Adding fragrance to the simmer pot will add comfort to your home as well as fight winter blues.

Here are many Simmer Pot recipes I like to use -
*add orange slices, whole cloves, and a few sticks of cinnamon
*lemon slices, slices of fresh ginger
*lemon slices, sage leaves
*dried lavender, sage leaves
*lemongrass, dried lavender, sage leaves
*a handful of pine needles, couple of cinnamon sticks
*a sprig of fresh rosemary, a few drops of peppermint

If a family member is suffering from a bug, Gypsy Lady recommends making a pot of soup early in the day and let it simmer. Use all fresh vegetables herbs and good stock. For sore throats add a bit of lemon and maybe a shot of whiskey. Check it often as you may have to add water. Such a pot will fill the home with wondrous, welcoming aroma that will also fill a body with nourishment. If you make a pot of soup that simmers all day... make sure you share it!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Mindful Moment - Take a Break

Our attention is often scattered amidst myriad responsibilities like work, family and friends. But mindful moments can offer reprieve, helping to combat stress and bring a greater sense of calm into our day, one minute at a time.

Take a moment to simply be mindful of your surroundings. Sit back take a deep breath, exhale slowing. Gaze out a window... what do you see? Look around you...search for the little things. Watch a bird fly, a squirrel scamper. Notice a child's drawing hanging in a special spot. Admire the lush leaves on a houseplant.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

#Thursday13 - Ways to Feel Sexy

Busy schedules and unsuccessful diets are the primary reasons many of us don’t feel sexy.  Who can feel sexy when they feel tired and frumpy?  Women are beautiful creatures; we just need to remind ourselves of it periodically.  Now put the chocolate away (well, maybe not) for this one and take notes.  

1.       Do your make up and/or hair.  Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a visit to the beauty shop or when you get all dressed up? You can capture that same feeling by paying a bit of attention to your self for a simply dinner at home.

2.       Visit a spa, take a long bath, or give yourself a facial.  Take a break to enjoy your own skin.  Touch it, caress it… then let your honey touch it and caress it.

3.       Work out.  Go to a gym, join Curves, or just get a couple of girlfriends to walk with daily.  The effort not only makes you healthy (may or may not lose weight), but you’ll notice little things about yourself that make you feel sexy.  Sometimes, just actually working out fires you up.

4.       Wear sexy clothing.  I don’t me movie star red carpet stuff or even hooker style.  A nice tight silk t-shirt that feels good when you wear it.  Or an old worn pair of jeans that really flatter your assets.  Look in your closet, take a close look at your favorites and think about how you feel when you wear them.  If they all make you want to take a nap… go shopping.

5.       Find a material that makes you feel good.  I don’t mean flannel because it makes you cozy; I’m talking about silk or cotton and how it feels against your skin.  When you find yourself feeling sexy in a particular fabric, purchase more items made with it.  Instead of your old blend button down shirts, try an inexpensive machine washable silk blouse.  It will go with everything from jeans to a pair of dress pants.

6.       Wear lingerie that flatters you.  Don’t buy something and wear it because it looks good on the mannequin or honey’s eyes bug out.  Wear it because it feels good and looks good on you. 

7.       Don’t worry about your appearance.  Everyone has flaws; just no one else cares about them as much as you do.  So what that you have a scar from a surgery or a little pouch from having kids.

8.       Plan at least one sensual experience a week for you love.  Planning a sensual escapade can be very arousing.  Add a little teasing in there to build confidence.

9.       Take a shower together.  Hmmm… water, wet, skin, slippery… oh, ah…

10.   Dance seductively with your partner.  Turn on the music just for the two of you.  Have fun and do some dirty dancing.

11.   Try being the dominant one in the next love-making session.  Being in control can be a rush and very sexy.

12.   Accept compliments regarding you looks and abilities.  This can be a simple lesson in building confidence; and confidence is very sexy.

13.   Allow yourself to feel sexy.   Take time to reconnect with yourself.  Try to find things that work for you, that make you feel good about you and sexy… and then do them.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

#WednesdayWritingPrompt - Desert Islands

It's a chilly Wednesday in my neck of the woods. Temp is 18 degrees and only a little snow on the ground. On the bright side... we have sunny. Let's escape the cold and visit a desert island. Here's today's Writing Prompt to help train your mind to write, to exercise your brain, to encourage you keep a journal. Use these prompts to break a writer's block if needed.


Sit comfortably with your notebook and pen.

You are marooned on a desert island. It is warm, without dangerous creatures, offers plenty of easily obtainable bananas, coconuts, other fruits and fish to eat as well as fresh water and tree shelter. You have time on your hands.

Write for three or four minutes about each of the following:

A.   What and who you would most miss, explaining why.
B.   What you would be glad to get away from.
C.   Which two objects you would choose to have with you from your home to make your life more bearable and give it some interest. (Phone, radio and TV are not available.)
D.   How you would cope with isolation and structure your time.