Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday Morning Madness - An Ah-ha Moment

I can't believe I never noticed before, or even knew it at all. 
Maybe it's just because of being Monday... 
but I learned something this morning.

I never knew you could stack a bowl on a coffee mug to help keep the coffee warm.

Who knew?

I wonder what the rest of this day will bring.

Do you ever have one of the hand slapping the forehead, ah-ha moments?

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Six Sentence Sunday - Handcuffs & Silk

Read six sexy lines taken from the book Handcuffs & Silk

Approaching his head, she bent down and took his mouth in a deep kiss then blindfolded him with the silk scarf.
Running her hands along the sides of his body, from under his armpits all the way to his waist and across his thighs, erotic ideas swirled in her mind of what to do with him.

She reached out to touch his rod. Soft yet hard, as if ancient silk wrapped across steel, slid under her fingers. She bent down and ran her tongue along the length to taunt him, and it jumped with her stroke.

Available from Decadent Publishing and Amazon.

Wake Up With Yoga, Go to Bed Happy

Today was day #6 of doing yoga.
I've been doing yoga every morning outside and I must say it feels great!

My doctor highly recommended yoga to ease the pain of fibromyalgia. The stretching is very important the the benefits of relieving stress is a plus. At first yoga and all the poses seemed complicated and overwhelming but I quickly learned it isn't. By simply breaking down poses and finding easy routines on YouTube, I built up my confidence. I'm not doing fancy handstands or sweat producing flows... just easy, mindful movements.

I love doing yoga outside. Living in the woods has a calming meditative effect. Being on my deck in the woods connects me to nature. On a rainy day, I was on my front porch. 

Maggie hasn't tried yoga yet, but hovers close by.

My hour long morning routine includes: 
      doing 15 minutes of yoga (I do the video plus some poses I like from a night time video)
      eat breakfast with coffee or tea
      write in my diet journal or write list of things I want to accomplish that day
      sometimes I jump in the pool for a quick workout, sometimes doing more yoga in the water
      fill the feeding stations (bird feeders) and take my dog for a walk

I find doing morning yoga has increased my energy level. I'm ready to face the day! It certainly has reduced my stress level and I've improved how I handle stress. I've found it helps me focus on the day. While doing yoga, I focus on the moment; my breathing, the music, the sounds of nature. When I sit down at breakfast I easily make a to-do list for the day which keeps my focused on tasks all day. (I'm easily distracted and often overwhelmed with daily activities.)  

The one thing I've noticed is how my sleep has improved, I feel rested when I wake. I'm happier all day, able to take on the cantankerous moods of my guys and have energy for my honey at night.

Yoga doesn't have to be done along either; have your honey join you. It can be good for your relationship and sex life. Check out this article regarding Poses for Building Intimacy and Trust. Here is a great article from Yoga Journal regarding The Truth About Yoga and Sex.  I told you, I like that Yoga Journal group! If you're feeling adventurous, check local listing of yoga studios near you for classes and special events.

My favorite videos include a morning one by Sarah Beth. Check out her You Tube channel for more info. She suffers from an autoimmune disease so she's sensitive to needs of those challenged. My morning choice is 10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners.

My favorite night relaxing yoga video comes from Yoga Journal. I like the 15 Minute Relaxing Practice with Jason Crandell. It's so good, sometimes I almost fall asleep on the floor!

I like the way I feel and I'm hoping to continue my journey with yoga.

Do you do yoga?

What is your morning routine?

Friday, May 29, 2020

Enjoy a Sweet Sunset

Every summer until I was around 12, my family would travel to Paw Paw to visit St. Julian Winery. The tour was pretty much the same but just as fun. My parents would purchase cases of wine after what felt like hours of wine tasting. We would then drive over to South Haven, find a spot on the beach for a picnic and swim until late afternoon. We continued this tradition for several years after my siblings married and started having kids. With a caravan of cars, I had my pick of who I wanted to travel with.
Great memories.

St. Julian has a tasting room in Frankenmuth so I don't have to travel as far as my parents.

I found a delightfully sweet red wine by mistake. I fell in love with the label. Isn't it gorgeous?

Sunset Michcato is top of my list for a light sweet red.

This succulently sweet red blend is made from grapes grown in the Lake Michigan Shore Appellation. It was released in May, 2017 to celebrate Michigan Wine Month and was part of the Pure Michigan summer 2017 campaign. The goal of the winemaker was to create a wine that embraced everything Michigan. Michigan grown grapes, Michigan-proud label, and expected to be enjoyed on a beach in Michigan at sunset.

If you enjoy sweet wines, I recommend you try this one.
It pairs nicely with cheese & crackers.
Take it outside and enjoy a sunset this weekend with your honey.

St. Julian also makes a Sunset Michcato White.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

#Thursday13 - Favorite Lines from Handcuffs & Silk

Welcome to Thursday 13
I've listed my personal favorite lines from Handcuffs & Silk.

Available on Amazon

1. Being a Las Vegas cop, Steph recognized the evil lurking in the shadows of the beautiful city, also known as Sin City.

2. Rubbing the smooth part of his neck where a collar had rested for over a year, he remembered the day Ericka removed the soft, blue, leather strap with her initials stamped on it.

3. Miss Stephanie Johnson is a lovely lady with the type of personality I’m sure you will find to your liking, and perfectly capable of fulfilling your current desires.

4. “Grow up, Hunter. Drop this damn beta act and be the alpha you were born to be.”

5. Nicely curved hips accented by shiny, black leather hot pants, high-heeled, thigh-high boots laced up her long legs, and a small leather bag hung on a silver chain snug against her hip.

6. Her mouth watered at the sight of his muscular chest peeking from the opening of a black Armani shirt with the sleeves rolled past his elbows, and one hand rested on his thigh while the other held a rose.

7. Stepping tighter between her legs, he grasped Steph around her nape with one hand and pulled her to him for a hard kiss.

8. Sex appeal coupled with willingness to satisfy equaled a very appealing combination in a one-night stand.

9. The room filled with heat, yet the only sounds were their breathing, the creak of the bed, and the rasp of her boots as they brushed against his legs.

10. She opened the drawer and found a couple of black silk scarves.

11. With a wicked grin, she paused to pick up the glass with the key resting under the melting ice cubes.

12.  “I win.” His deep voice wrapped seductively around her entire body.

13. “You have the right to remain silent.” She clamped a handcuff roughly onto a wrist and raised both arms over his head to hook around the headboard rails then attached the remaining cuff to his free wrist. “Anything you say can and will be used against you for my pleasure.” (Yeah, I know it's more than one line, but it's my all time favorite in the entire book!)