Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tasty Tuesday - A Man Who Cooks Is Sexy

My honey loves to cook. He is the master of the grill and smoker. He’s even amazing at cooking over the bonfire! BBQ ribs over the fire pit…yum! Smoked pulled pork is a favorite. Steak off the grill with a creamy mushroom sauce is mouthwatering. I’m a sucker for his foodie skills. Hey, I admit I’m totally turned on by a man cooking for me!

Even with three boys, we’ve managed to have a bit of romance while cooking together. The boys enjoy cooking with us but often “gross out” and tell us “that’s weird” when we get a little shmexy.
Visit the grocery or farmers’ market together and plan the meal together. Farmers’ Markets are our favorite. The boys taste test and purchase item they want to consume and not share with each other while hubby and I hold hands, strolling along.

Prepare an appetizer to nibble on while cooking the main meal. Feed small slices of cheese, sausage and fruit to each other. I enjoy the classic eye rolls when I tell my honey how much I like his (smoked) sausage. Enjoy a cocktail or fresh lemonade.

My sons are growing up in an environment where we all help with meal prep. College boy often phones his dad while he’s grilling at the frat house. High school boy is simply hungry all the time and grazes often. Middle school boy is adventurous and has begun cooking small things.

After a wonderful home-cooked meal, enjoy some quiet time with dessert or an after-dinner drink. Sit back and enjoy. 

As soon as I'm done with my glass of wine I'll let my man know how much I appreciate his cooking skills. Now where is that chocolate sauce?

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