Sunday, May 21, 2017

Couple Fun – Make a Wish Jar

Flyboy and I enjoying junking together. Using the ads in the paper, we carefully plot out our adventure visiting yard, garages and barns. We find all sorts of treasures. I love to collect jars... clear, glass jars to display candies and cookies. I found a unique and fun idea using jars.

Couples often look for ways to entice a partner to expand his or her perspectives on the possibilities in or even out of the bedroom. Often planning a special romantic evening as a surprise for your honey often doesn’t go as arranged. Kids, pets, families, work… so many things may interrupt. It would be much easier to plan something with your partner rather than planning a surprise.

Keep two “wish” jars in the kitchen, one for each or you. Next to them keep a stack of index cards. Whenever something comes to mind that would be fun to do together, it gets written down on an index card and dropped into the appropriate jar.

Create a ritual for the “big drawing”. At the beginning of each month, sit down at the end of the day with a glass of wine and some cheese. Pick five cards at random from each other’s jar. Read them over, talk about them and maybe even negotiate a bit.  The only rule is you have to agree on two activities to be done during the next month.

Start your jar today for some fun!

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