Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tasty Tuesday - Take-Out

If the weather is yucky or you simply don’t want to leave the house but still want to have “date night”, a romantic evening can still happen. If you’re like me, there will be a handful of take-out menus stuffed into a drawer or phone book. This is the time when those come in handy. Order from a favorite restaurant; pick it up or have it delivered.

While waiting for the food, create a romantic spot to eat. Spread a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace. Clear off the coffee table and add a candle, then pop in a romantic comedy. If weather isn’t a problem, add a tablecloth to your picnic table and light several candles.

When the take-out or delivery food arrives, pop open a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage. Take a moment to feed each other. Try to avoid heavy discussions such as money, schedules, or work. Relax and have fun and enjoy each other. Add a fun dessert such as strawberries dipped in chocolate and whipped cream you make together.

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