Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#HumpDayHottie - Meet Seth Crowe

When a crow morphed into a drop-dead sexy man with is obsidian eyes, long black hair and tanned skin covering delicious muscles asked me to tell his story, I couldn’t refuse. 

The intelligent gaze, silken feathers and the mystical legends of crows led my imagination to create the hero in Crow Magic. Tecumseh, aka Seth Crowe, is a Shawnee shaman who guides people out of the spiritual darkness of their lives, but at a cost on his own stability. He is naturally charming but from his demanding “work”, his family fears he’s on a path of becoming bad-tempered and destructive. His family convinces him to use Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand service to find a special woman before it's too late.

Crow Magic, 1st book in the Legend of the Spirit Series
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