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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Thank you Libby Waterford for involving me in this awesome blog tour.  

Libby writes California-set steamy contemporary romances. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and works off her weekly pilgrimage to in–N-Out by swimming and climbing the city’s hidden staircases. She’s currently working on a trio of novellas that take place during the reunion/commencement weekend at a New England liberal arts college. Passionate History will be released soon by Decadent Publishing. I love reunion stories so I’ll be first in line top pick this one up!

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What am I currently working on?
 I write novellas for the 1 Night Stand series from Decadent Publishing. Right now, I am editing a steamy Native American eagle shifter romance, Eagle Dance. It’s the second book in the “Legend of the Spirit” series. (Crow Magic was the first book.) In between edits I’m working on three more Native American shifter stories for 1NS.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write contemporary erotic romance and I'm currently playing with Native American shifters (crow, eagle, hawk and falcon). I use sensuality and eroticism to emphasize the spiritualism of sex and how it creates a unique bond between lovers.

Why do I write what I do?
I was told by my mentor to “write what you know”. Growing up in Michigan and spending time near a Chippewa Reservation I became enthralled with the legends and stories of the people. The tales of animal spirits and shifters show how man/nature/woman work together to create balance in life. I center my novellas on these ideas and collect my research on Tribes of the Great Lakes Region. I give special thanks to two friends, Marion Roth & Ann Orr, for my Chippewa education.

How does my writing process work?
I get an idea in my head and it wormholes me! I have to write it down! My over active imagination often creates more than one story at a time so I often work on multiple stories. Once each story is like a movie in my head and I feel like I’m simply recording it. After a story is complete, I print a hard copy and read over it making corrections with a red pen. Once all changes/corrections are complete, I submit to my publisher and prepare for edits.

Lucy Richards is tired of being timid around men. Hoping to overcome her fears and feel like a real woman, she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who will fulfill that goal. Eve arranges a one-night stand with a handsome Shawnee shaman who will teach Lucy to use her womanly power and take her to unimaginable heights.

Shape shifter Seth Crowe is a Keeper of the Spiritual Law who carries souls from darkness to light, and enjoys using his body to accomplish his magic.

Tucked away in the Castillo Poconos Resort, Seth helps Lucy find spiritual and sexual freedom, never dreaming he might find his own mate in the bargain.

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What Readers are saying.
Crow Magic is a story filled with spirituality and self-awareness. The author uses Native American culture and beliefs to spin her own tale of romance centered around inner peace and freedom.

About the Author
Romance author and Artist Mary Quast lives in a log home affectionately named "Camp Run-A-Muk" located in the woods of Michigan with her husband, three sons, and a collection of animal family members.

As a professional artist, Mary Quast answered the call to express herself creatively. With her descriptive writing style she has developed a knack for creating passionate characters and realistic settings. These features are prominent in her published novels of the "Soul Series".

When this Michigan author is not busy writing contemporary erotic romance for Decadent Publishing, Mary doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes”. She also can be found lecturing college classes on the importance of Journal writing.

Where to find me
Twitter: @MaryQuast

Thank you to all who checked out my writing process. 

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Loved the insight into your writing process, Mary! Thanks for joining me on the tour.