Friday, May 30, 2014

Fitness Friday - Take the Stairs

I know life can be crazy busy...I wrote the book. It's difficult to afford time or money to attend a gym regularly. Working around work, school and kids' schedules can be tiring. Who wants to have a huge fitness routine on top of it? A while back, John Quinlan gave us some great advice on how to start to be fit.

"Make it a life change as something you want to do for the rest of your life. Make it fun so you stick with it. Little changes one thing at a time will get you on the righteous path. It can be as simple as drinking more water instead of soda, taking the stairs rather than the elevator or just cutting things back a bit. Set short term goals for yourself and every time you reach one of them reward yourself for a job well done. Keep doing this and over time watch how fast your body builds up and the overall progress you will make." - John Quinlan, Cover Model and Fitness Competitor  

I like his idea of making a small change. When you get to the grocery store, the hardware or where ever you are going, let the others compete for the front parking spaces. 

"We're young, healthy and good looking, let's walk." I tell hubby when we park far out. 

If you are at the shopping center or a store, take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Every step makes a positive contribution to your health. 

Unless you are disabled, there is no good reason to park close or use a people mover. Get used to the back of the lot and the stairs. You'll be getting more fit every day!

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