Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sensual Saturday

 I'd like to thank John Quinlan for participating in a week long interview series. 
He's such a great guy!
Congrats to  Debbie Qua,
who won an autographed photo of this hunky cover model.
During the interview John mentioned candles being an element for a romantic evening. I know with the latest storms many people across the country have suffered power outages and used several candles without romantic intentions. Time to switch gears people!

The holidays are over and hopefully the storms too. Time to make a nice dinner or even a snack and light some candles. Curl up on the couch to watch a movie and light a nicely scented candle nearby.  The fragrance, the warm light and dancing shadows will add a little sensuality to  mundane evening.

Even with kids around, your honey and you can capture he moment. At our house it's common on Saturday night for hubby to build a fire in the fireplace and I'll light some candles. We'll pop popcorn, make some snacks and pour some wine. The kids will make smores in the fire and we'll all relax to enjoy a movie.

Have a Sensual Saturday!


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