Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun Friday - Fan Questions for Cover Model

We've had a super fun week with an extremely sexy cover model.
 Lucky for us, John Quinlan is a good sport and took time to have some FUN with us today.

Go ahead... ask me anything.

Fans put together some simple questions for their favorite cover model to answer.
Luck or Destiny? - Destiny

Mountains or Beach? - Mountains

Camping or Hotel? - Hotel
Hair-Long or Short? – Short (I am bald, LOL! Just like Dwayne Johnson)

Gazing at the stars or watching the sun rise? - Stars

Hot or Cold? - Hot

Satin or Lace? - Lace

Bikini or One piece? - Bikini

East coast or West coast? – East, duh….that’s where I am from

Sweet or salty? Sweet

Favorite thing to drink? – Long Island Iced T’s

Favorite meal? – Greek Pizza

Favorite cheat (comfort) food?- More Greek pizza

Favorite pastime? – Anything sports

And finally, you probably get asked this all the time, but......
 readers simply gotta know…boxers or briefs?
Sometimes boxers, sometimes briefs and sometimes I wear nothing at all which is what I have going on right now sitting here with you Mary J

 On that note, I think we’ll leave that image with our fans.
A huge thanks to John Quinlan for taking time out of his very busy schedule to talk with me.
He’s the best!
He is truly as nice as he is handsome. 

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