Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Club Wicked 3.5: My Wicked Trainers by Ann Mayburn

At a secret location outside of Washington DC there is a private club where the rich and powerful go to indulge in their most wicked fetishes and desires. Established in 1903, Wicked has hosted everyone from presidents to gangsters, from innocent small town girls to famous Hollywood starlets indulging in the painful pleasures of the dungeons.

Ann Mayburn is an excellent erotic story teller and certainly has the ability to seduce readers one book at a time. I love her Club Wicked Series and had the opportunity to read a little short from the collection.

The first thing that pulled my attention is characters are attending university and living in Leicester, England… a place I know very well and incredibly fond of. Second, I have a soft spot for hunky rugby players so Mayburn had me drooling on the screen of my poor Kindle. The characters in this story have a possibility to develop a greater relationship. Full of sexual tension, this story left me wanting more.

BLURB: Best mates Liam and Rory have an accidental drunken sexual encounter, spurred on by the usually straight Rory's powerful attraction to his equally straight friend. Afterwards, Liam freaks out, and Rory's worried he'll lose not only his roommate, but also his best friend. But when Rory brings home his sexy and eager submissive, Susie, and proposes a menage, the men just may have found a way to repair the rift, but only if Liam can overcome his conservative upbringing and trust his natural instinct to Dominate.


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