Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mojo - Airplane Sex

With Thanksgiving right around the corner,
a lot of people will be traveling to join their families.
I found this interesting little tid bit.

1 in 50 people claim to have had sex in an airplane.

Apparently, what happens on the way to Vegas, doesn't necessarily stay there.
This is from a CNN Report of an incident on June 21, 2013
A former vintner and a salon technician were each fined $250 for allegedly engaging in oral sex in front of other passengers on a commercial Allegiant Air flight from Medford, Oregon, to Las Vegas.
According to an FBI affidavit, passengers on the Allegiant Air flight saw Martin exposing his genitals and twice joining Stroble in oral sex and other acts despite warnings from flight attendants.
The affidavit states Martin and Stroble, 44 and 33 years old respectively at the time of the incident, were allegedly asked to stop by an attendant and did so during the drink and snack service, but later repeated the sex acts before landing.
Sex on an airplane is rather difficult to accomplish as well as illegal.
Many stories are exaggerated by wistful dreamers.
Hubby has been a pilot for over 25 years and has never had the experience of flying an exhibitionistic couple.