Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tempting Tuesday - The Arrangement

Lynn stood in the shower and let the water hit her face and mix with the tears that fell. She was so ashamed of her behavior with Erick. She had become intoxicated with the excitement and the attention he showed her, she took the chance and told him that she wanted him. His rejection was devastating in the sense that she had now complicated their friendship.

She turned off the water, toweled off and applied a soft fragrant lotion over her body. Deep inside she stowed a secret fantasy of Erick sneaking into the studio as Andrew had done. She was envious of the intense passion her friends had for each other.

Removing the towel from her head, she ran a comb through her wet hair. If she just talked to Erick, god willing, he’d forgive her foolish actions. Perhaps he might put it off as a bad joke. Perhaps if she left for Wales the next day she could put the incident behind her.

Lynn sighed; she just wanted to go to bed. She wrapped a robe around her, opened the door and heard the stereo playing. She hadn’t touched the stereo when she got in. Looking around, she saw the lit candles and a dark figure sitting in a chair. Her eyes widened, her heart raced, she held her breath for a moment, waiting.

“Did you use up all the hot water?”


He sounded much like himself and not like the person she saw at The Skunk’s Den. Her anxiety diminished when she saw him lean forward in the chair. The candlelight softened his features, his hair fell into his eyes but he looked tired.

She moved closer to him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know,” he rubbed his head. “I’ve been walking around thinking about what you said, what I said and…” he paused. “I’m sorry for being angry with you. I guess I put you on a pedestal just like you once told me not to do.”

“What?” Lynn was confused.

“I never thought you’d be one to use people; you’re different. Tonight I thought you were doing to me what women always do to me and I couldn’t bear putting you in the same category with them.”

“I’m sorry, Erick, for propositioning you like that. I put you on the spot and I hope I haven’t compromised our friendship.”

“I don’t think our friendship has suffered. We’re talking, aren’t we?” He stood up. “I just want to know if your proposition still stands.”

Lynn wasn’t sure how to answer him. She watched him saunter towards her. He still wore his leathers and looked incredibly sexy. His body swayed in tune to the music with every step he took. She wanted to experience what she knew he was capable of giving. She looked into his eyes; they were black like the devil’s.

“Well, Lynn, does it?”

“Yes.” She could barely say the word.

“The way I look at it,” he stood in front of her and stroked her arm, “if you want to experience sexual freedom, who better to show you than me. Right? If we’re careful we can enjoy this and not hurt our friendship.”

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