Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday - Humpday Help, Little Indulgence

Everybody gets grey sometimes, and we all need a little indulgence.

Here in Michigan, the temp outside is -4, my furnace isn't working so the heat in the house isn't over 65. My fingers are too cold to type. Hubby is in Florida complaining about how cold the air conditioning is and having to go to Hooters again for dinner. The kids don't have Cabin Fever yet... but I think I do. Everything is grey today. Blahhhhh...

Here is my thought on a little cure for the day.

Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers. They are easy to find at the grocery store these days. Split them up so you can have at least one flower in each room of the house. You can use any kind of container; a small vase, a cute little glass, a teacup, or my favorite - an old salt shaker.

Fresh flowers can also add a touch of romance to any room.
Enjoy the simplicity of fresh flowers! A little bit of life and color can brighten any home on a grey day as well as lift our spirits.


Chelle Cordero said...

I feel for you Mary - hope the temp comes up a bit. These are the times my mom did lots of baking just to keep the oven going.

The flowers are gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Glad you like my image, here's the link for it