Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday - Cleaning Day, Goin' Green

So what does cleaning have to do with romance?

Nothing. But on Mondays, I take a break from writing my latest and greatest romance novel and return to the "normal" world of being a stay at home mom. I guess you could say I wear a different hat today... more like a ponytail instead.

Today is laundry catch up day. The weekend wasn't too busy and I've managed to maintain a steady flow of clean socks and underwear for the boys. But I began to think about living green... I try to eat a healthy organic diet for my body... but what can I do for my planet?

The boys have started recycling. This means Mom has to remember to save the tin cans, take labels off, rinse and place then into the recycle bin. I'm not sure what the boys are doing yet... perhaps they'll take the bin to the curb for me tomorrow.

Anyways, I was looking into "Green" laundry detergents. Yikes! Did you know that many detergents are toxic...cancer causing agents? But there are many other detergents that are safe for us and the environment.

For years I used detergents from Amway. Those were nice. But now I have one of those High Efficiency washers, so I can't put just anything into it and haven't found the perfect detergent yet. However, I did find some nice and "friendly" ones for other washers.

All Free and Clear, Ivory Snow, Cheer Free and of course Liquid Woolite. But if you want to really "go green" then check with your local health food store or go online.
I found some nice products from these companies:
Abundant Earth
Cal Ben Soap Company
Gaiam, Inc.
Kokpelli's Green Market
Real Goods
Sun and Earth
Seventh Generation

It's important to be kind to your body and the Earth even when washing clothes. Look for petroleum-free laundry products. Explore the shelves of your local grocery store and health food shop, get some free catalogs and visit Web sites.

Here is my favorite on-line magazine... check it out for some healthy living tips.

Think green and stay clean!

And while I'm on my expedition to find the perfect detergent, I'll just recycle the plastic bottles and cardboard boxes my HE stuff comes in and keep writing romance to escape it all.

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