Monday, January 19, 2009

Cleaning Day - The Simmer Pot

There is a gypsy in my books who is wise and has many wonderful tips to share. When I'm cleaning my house I use a Simmer Pot simmilar to one she uses.

A Simmer Pot is any large pot of water placed on the stove to simmer for many hours. Of course one can make a pot of soup, which will fill the home with awonderous, welcoming aroma that will also fill a body with nurishment.

Here are many Simmer Pot recipes I like to use when I'm cleaning.
*add orange slices, whole cloves, and a few sticks of cinamon
*lemon slices, slices of fresh ginger
*lemon slices, sage leaves
*dried lavendar, sage leaves
*lemongrass, dried lavendar, sage leaves
*a handfull of pine needles, couple of cinamon sticks
*a sprig of fresh rosemary, a few drops of peppermint

Now, if you make a pot of soup that simmers all day... make sure you share it!

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