Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Poetry Corner - I Close My Eyes

The 5th book in The Soul Series, Dark Soul, features the band Dark Cloud. My original songs are featured throughout the story. Alas, this is currently a work-in-progress so take this as a little tease.

"I Close My Eyes"
(This is a song that took 3rd place in a national song lyric competition.)

They say there is an emotion;
It exists but only for a few.

(chorus) It has no name,
No words can describe.
I close my eyes,
I am filled.

Stronger than love,
transcending time.
It knows not birth nor death,
only existence.


Felt in the touch of your hand,
Lost in the darkness of my soul.
Heard in the heartbeat,
against my cheek.


Memories of skin on skin may fade,
the emotion continues on.
Thriving in the confusion,
hidden in the emptiness inside.


Never to leave,
but a part of me for eternity.
Hungry for more,
I will remain content.

(repeat chorus 2X)
fade w/ repeated "I close my eyes".

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