Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Romance

Yes, I’m a child of the ‘70s and proud. My brother & sister were much older than me and I looked up to my sister with her long hair and crown of daisies. She moved with grace only nature provided. Together we convinced our friends and others to not be litter bugs, nurture a garden, save energy, and be kind to each other. In 1970 the first Earth Day was observed. American’s across the country learned how they could help clean the air, the land and sea.

Many years later… my sister has a lovely garden and still does what she can to preserve the environment.  I’ve found ways to teach my boys how to conserve energy and clean up the environment by starting with their rooms.

Did you know you could enjoy a bit of romance while celebrating Earth Day?

*Conserve water – Take a day off from doing the dishes and laundry. Enjoy each other in the time you’ve recovered from a busy day.  Save the water and take a shower or bath together.

* Use the day to grill a meal outside. Sip on an adult beverage while the steaks sizzle. Eat by candlelight in picnic style. Have each other for dessert.

* Take a break from electronics and go for a walk. Take a blanket to a park and lay next to each other to gaze at the stars before gazing into each other’s eyes.

* Build a fire…in your backyard or fireplace.  Make s’mores, roast hotdogs and have some cuddle time.

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