Sunday, June 7, 2015

Take a Sunday Drive & Get Lost

“Sunday is the day that clears away the rust of the week” – Joseph Addison

Many Sundays of my childhood were spent going for a Sunday Drive. I was born late in life to my parents. My siblings were both married with their own families. When my parents should have been enjoying life just the two of them...they had me. I sat in the backseat usually lapping away at an ice-cream cone while my parents sat in the front, holding hands. I grew older and chose to stay home or hang with friends, they continued their Sunday drives.

When my guy and I were first married, we often took off for an aimless drive and often stumbled upon farmers’ markets, out-of-the-way antique shops, or simply “the most beautiful road”.

I have to admit, taking off without a destination on a quiet Sunday afternoon is only a dream for hubby and I. Our weekends are currently tied up with son’s baseball tournaments. Trust me as soon as the season is over…. Grab the keys honey!

When it’s just you and your honey, tooling around town or simply exploring the countryside it still feels as if you had a real getaway. This is great “Couple Time”. This sharing and discovery time makes the world better and often a relationship stronger.

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