Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Tribute

Last week Mom and I went to the cemetaries to make sure flags were on the local graves of the vets in our family. My heart always thanks them for their service. My ancester who fought in the Revolutionary War is buried in Connecticut. Grt. Grt Gramp who fought in the Cilvil War is buried in Grand Rapids, MI.  Many Grt Uncles and my Grandfathers served in the Army and Navy during WWI. My dad was in USMC - South Pacific for WWII then served state-side as tough as nails Drill Sgt during Korea. Uncle and Father-In-Law were in the Army during Korea, "the Coldwar", then peacetime. Several cousins served in the Army and USMC while my big bro was on a nuclear sub during Vietnam. Only three of these fine men are still alive today.

Dad, somewhere in the South Pacific. WWII
I miss him.
Big Brother on "The Georgefish". Vietnam.
Still my rock.

Take a moment to remember those who are serving, have served. Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and never came home. (Dad said those were the real heroes.) 

Many classmates from Arthur Hill High School and Alma College went into the service. I wish I could mention them all. 

It takes a special person willing to put his/her life on the line for a country. Personal sacrifices were made by all - the simple comforts we take for granted, family, friends and in some cases pieces of their minds, bodies and souls. Thank you my friends for your courage and your honor. 

Please find a way to hep support vets today. They gave so much for us, many of them need us now.

Speical thanks to Whiskey Rick for his service 
and answering countless questions while I develope my characters for the Legend of the Spirit Series.

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