Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome Home

A good friend of mine is returning home this week. He proudly serves in the US Marine Corps. For the last year he was on tour in Afghanistan.  He is also my main sounding board and research contact for creating the Marines and their stories in my Legend of the Spirit series.

He’s been very generous guiding me through the rank and file of mixing my imagination with the reality of the USMC. Best of all, we’ve shared a lot of laughs. I think he might have a little writer living inside him.

Previously on this blog, I’ve discussed who couples separated by miles and time can keep their fire alive. It takes a special person to serve this country and an extra special person to love him.

First I’d like to thank his beautiful wife, Annie, for letting me borrow her man and pick his brain. I try to leave as much mind intact after I was done but he was a little twisted to begin with. LOL Just kidding. And.. special thanks to the man himself…“Whiskey Rick”… for his service to this country and my muse.

The book “Hawk’s Honor” is dedicated to “Whiskey Rick” and Annie.

Keep in mind, while many of our service men and women return home, more are just beginning their tours. Authors Supporting Our Troops will be collecting books again to send out those stationed abroad. I will post info when it comes in.
semper fi
Proud to be a Marine’s daughter.


warmbold said...

Thank you!! I enjoyed catching up and sharing many laughs and tears. Glad I could help and look forward to seeing you and meeting your family. Semper Fi, Whiskey Rick

Anonymous said...

Cool post. Awesome your dad was a Marine and thank you for his service.