Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall, Homecoming and Class Reunion

To me autumn means colorful landscapes and delcious food. The local orchard is running hayrides every weekend. A cup of fresh apple cider and a spiced doughnut are a treat at the the end of each ride. But before the tractors fire up their old engines, it's Friday Night Lights.

Last weekend was our town's homecoming.

For the last three years the Class of 2014 built their float at my house. 

This year we hosted the Class of 2018. New faces, new names but just as much fun.

My eldest son graduated last spring and is now attending my college alma mater.

 I am on campus this weekend to celebrate homecoming as well as my 25th class reunion. As I walk around campus there are many changes but a few things remain the same...the cafeterian food, school spirit, and the beauty of life-long friendships being made.

I have looked forward all year to reconnecting with several of my old friends who I laughed and cried with, as well as those who along with me pushed our creativity to limits from making banners to cheer on the team and planning the 1988 homecoming event.  Good times.


No, I'm not signing autographs, I'm filling out my "photo card" for the class pic.

Some of my classmates didn't know I write erotic romance.  What a shocker!  LOL
Class of 1989

Am I inspired to write a "Reunion Romance"? 
All ready did.... 
Taming Rachel...
 in edits now.  
Stay tuned....

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