Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday 13 - Sexy New Year's Resolutions

So many New Year Resolutions are made and quickly forgotten. Not only are these promises easily forgotten when we are caught up in the hustle of everyday life, but also we can forget about the love in our lives. Try making a few resolutions that won't be forgotten and easily obtainable. Make your relationship with that special someone a priority, put pleasure first on your resolution list.

1.  Plan to have more sex. We schedule time to shop, get our hair done, and take the kids to soccer... Being spontaneous is not always easy and by some simple plans to be more sexual, you'll actually end up having more sex. 

2. Get away from it all. Send the kids away for the weekend or escape for a night alone. Grab a movie, dinner and a romp in a cheap hotel. Use this time to NOT talk about family, friends or work. Focus on each other.

3. Do some redecorating in the bedroom. Our surrounding have a significant impact on how we feel. Turn your bedroom into a sensual room. Add some sexy satins, new pillows, mirrors, incense or candles, artwork to create an environment to bring out your sexual animal.

4.  Exercise more. I'm talkin' the horizontal mambo three /four times a week. Not only are calories being burned in a super fun way, but with each orgasmic session your endorphins (the chemical in your brain that makes you happy) will do miracles for your mood and zest for life!

5. Stop the sensory deprivations. Get off the computer; turn off the cell phone, put down the e-reader. It's time to get your hands into life! Cook with your honey and savor every tasty moment. Inhale life's scents and enjoy the fragrance of the world around you whether it is a sensual perfume or the way the air smells after a rain shower. Gaze into your partner's eyes and drown in the lipid pools of desire.  

6. Save your money and give each other full body massages. Invest in some scented massage candles and let your inhibitions fly out the window. Pick up some edible massage oil. Don't leave out the happy ending!

7. Eat in bed. Whipped cream, chocolate body paint, honey dust! Decadent and suggestive foods coupled with steamy sex make a rather delicious combination.

8. Make food a sensual part of your life. Forget the chips and go for the juicy, creamy and succulent stuff. Fresh strawberries, ripe peaches, and bananas can be cut into bite sizes. Finger food can be very sensual; take your time eating to experience the textures and flavors. Savoring food can be great practice for savoring sex.

10.  Make yourself feel sexier every day. Go through your panty drawer and buy yourself some new sexier styles. Lose the flannels, the old rugby jersey and stop lounging about with holey socks. Try some sexy silk pajamas or simple lingerie you can wear under your clothes. Treating yourself to sexier underclothes will help you tap into your sexy side. Indulge in a new fragrance that makes your partner hot. Wax, shave, work out... whatever makes you feel good about yourself and sexy.

11.  Have an affair - with your partner of course!  Here's your chance to have fun with a sexual fantasy.    Share your fantasies with each other or create one together then act on them.  Dress  as a seductive stranger and meet at a secret location, hotel, or bar.  Have fun with costumes, they can be just what you need to get started.

12.  Get back to the basics.  Rediscover the art of kissing.  Spend a night simply "making out".  Just be careful if you go "parking".  Be open and honest with your partner by sharing what really turns you on.  Be romantic by leaving notes with hints and sexy suggestions where your honey will find them.  Take time to explore each other's bodies to learn likes and dislikes.  Be open to pleasure.

13.  Be more playful and creative.    Try something sexually new.  Play with sex toys.  Visit a swingers' club.  Get a book on sexual positions and try all of them at least once.  For a more spiritual sex life, study Kama Sutra.  Take a class on strip tease or belly dancing.  Pick up a couple sex games and play.  Feel free to visit your local adult store, the staff is very discreet and helpful.
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**** April **** said...

You win...this is the best list I've seen. Take my kids will ya? HAHAHAHAHAH

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

I like the gazing, massages and kissing. Not too keen on the food part.

Alice Audrey said...

I'm down with the exercise. If it'll make sex even better, well worth it.

thebluemuse, phd said...

Love this list!

Shelley Munro said...

Great suggestions, Mary.