Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

This week's Sneak Peek is from Handcuffs & Silk. Hunter is waiting at the bar with his brother at the Las Vegas Castillo Resort for the blind date Madame Eve has arranged for him from her exclusive dating service, 1 Night Stand.

“Stephanie.” Jason rolled the name on his tongue. “What do you know about this woman?”

“Not much. I just have to put faith in Madame Eve and her matchmaking skills.”

“Well, we’ll see.” With that said, he nodded in the direction of the door. “Pick up your rose.”

 Hunter lifted the rose, turned, and saw her. She’d slicked her blonde hair back in a tight ponytail, a pink, silk blouse lay like a second skin over perfect, round breasts. Nicely curved hips accented by shiny, black leather hot pants, high- heeled, thigh-high boots laced up her long legs, and a small leather bag hung on a silver chain snug against her hip. Hunter hardened instantly.

He took his eyes off her only for a moment to glance at his brother, who watched her with indifference as he would if he saw another dominant male.

“Don’t be fooled by this one’s appearance.” Jason smirked. “She wants to be owned.”

Hunter suspected this woman just might be what the doctor ordered to pick up his mood. He preferred a formidable woman and turned his attention back to the one in front of him. A beautiful face upon a slender neck put a vision in mind of her head thrown back in orgasmic rapture. Resisting the temptation to drop to his knees, he met her icy, blue stare. A gentle smile of approval crept across her face, compelling him to smile back.

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